What Is a Vape Battery Charger?

Developed in the 1990s, the 18650 battery revolutionised lithium-ion power by providing a high-capacity rechargeable cell for portable devices like flashlights and laptop computers. It quickly became the go-to cell for small battery-powered products. Over the years, the 18650 battery improved so much that it eventually became the default power source for electric cars. Companies like Tesla continued to use 18650 batteries until higher-capacity cells became available.

The fact that the 18650 battery became so popular for rechargeable flashlights was the reason why it became the default battery for vape mods; some of the original vape mods were actually made out of modified flashlight cases. When the large vaping manufacturers in China began to make their own vape mods, they simply continued using 18650 batteries in their devices because those were the batteries to which the vaping community had become accustomed.

More recently, the 20700 and 21700 battery cells have entered the market to provide higher-density energy storage options for power-hungry applications like electric vehicles. Compared to the 18650 cell, the 20700 and 21700 cells offer greater energy density and excellent heat dissipation characteristics with only a slight increase in size. Thanks to those benefits, the 20700 and 21700 cells have become increasingly popular for use in vape mods. Whether they will eventually become more popular than the smaller 18650 battery, however, remains to be seen.

Why Buy a Vape Battery Charger From Simply ELiquid?

The most important reason to buy your vape batteries here is because no company in the vaping industry works as hard as we do to ensure that every product we sell is authentic. That’s particularly important with batteries because a counterfeit battery is a potential safety issue. To ensure that our customers only receive genuine products, we manage our supply chain tightly and work only with original manufacturers and authorised distributors. The other reason why you should buy your vape batteries from Simply ELiquid is because we love bulk orders! When you buy from us, you’ll enjoy free shipping on any order over £30.

My Vape Mod Has a Charging Port. Do I Really Need a Battery Charger?

Authenticity is important in the vaping industry, and it’s particularly crucial when you buy vape batteries. That’s because counterfeit batteries are extremely common – not just in the vaping industry, but in all industries. The only information that you have about the manufacturer and the capabilities of a particular battery cell are printed on the battery’s wrapper. A battery’s wrapper is made from heat-shrink plastic tubing, and anyone can print anything on heat-shrink plastic. It’s unfortunately quite common for unscrupulous individuals to buy used laptop batteries, remove the cells and place counterfeit wrappers on them. The old batteries are then resold as “new” cells from major brands, and the worst part is that, if you’re using the battery for an item that doesn’t require much power, you may not even know that you aren’t using a genuine cell. Vaping, however, isn’t a low-demand application; you need a battery that can deliver a high-amperage current safely, so it’s absolutely crucial for you to know!

What Features Might a High-End Vape Battery Charger Have?

The most important aspect of buying a vape battery is that you need to buy the right type for your vaping device. Most vaping devices use 18650 batteries, although an increasing number of devices work with 20700 and/or 21700 batteries. If you’re buying a new vaping device, you’ll want to check the product description to find out what type of battery the device uses and confirm that you’re buying the correct battery or batteries to go with it. The good news, though, is that a 20700- or 21700-based device will almost always include a sleeve to accommodate the smaller 18650 cells.