Vaping Accessories FAQs

Replacement Vape Coils and Pods

Periodically, you’re going to need replacement coils for your vape tank or replacement pods for your pod system. Regardless of the type of vaping device you use, we recommend adding at least one box of coils or pods to your cart before checking out every time you stock up on e-liquid. That way, you’ll always have a replacement available if a coil burns out unexpectedly.

How often do you need to replace your vape coil or pod? Let your sense of taste guide you. After you’ve been using an atomizer coil for a while, you’ll find that the flavour is no longer as pure and enjoyable as it was when the coil was fresh.

These are the signs that it’s time for a new coil.

  • The vapour feels unusually hot or irritates the back of your throat.
  • The vapour tastes burnt or unpleasant.
  • The vapour has an exaggerated sweetness similar to overcooked caramel.

In all of the above situations, it’s time for you to begin using a new vape coil or pod. If you experience throat irritation or taste a burnt flavour when vaping, it’s likely that the heat from the atomizer coil has singed the coil’s cotton wick – and if you experience an exaggerated overcooked sweetness, you’re probably using a heavily sweetened e-liquid that’s left a layer of residue on your coil. In both of these cases, the only way to restore the flavour of your vaping device is by replacing the coil or pod.

On average, you can expect a vape pod or coil to last a few days before it requires replacement. The longevity of a vape coil depends on what type of e-liquid you use and how frequently you vape. If you’re a heavy vaper who uses sweetened vape juice, you may find that you need to replace your coil almost every day. If you use an unsweetened e-liquid and are a lighter vaper, on the other hand, your coils may last multiple weeks before they require replacement.

Vape Batteries

If you’re buying your first vape mod that uses a removable battery, you’ll need to buy at least one battery as well. That’s why we carry a wide selection of vape batteries in the UK to fit every need. With high-capacity 18650 batteries from brands like Efest and AWT, you can buy batteries with full confidence that your vape mod will always be ready to go when you need it.

Remember: If a vape mod uses a removable battery, the battery will generally not be included. Don’t forget to buy a battery, so you can start using your new device right away.

If you need a vape battery for cartridges, we offer a high-capacity 3,200 mAh battery that will work with most eGo- or 510-threaded cartridges, cartomizers and clearomizers – and with the battery’s enormous capacity, you won’t have to worry about pausing to recharge your device constantly throughout the day. Just charge the battery and connect your favourite cartridge, and you’re ready to vape.

Always follow these safety rules when you use removable vape batteries.

  • Always charge your batteries by connecting your vape mod to your computer using the included USB cable or by removing the batteries and placing them in a compatible charger. We carry a wide selection ofvape battery chargers right here at Simply ELiquid. Standard household battery chargers are generally not compatible with lithium-ion batteries and should not be used to charge vape batteries.
  • Never charge your vape batteries while you’re asleep or out of the house.
  • Never carry vape batteries in your pocket. Always store or transport batteries in a protective battery case.
  • If you have a vape mod that uses two batteries, you should install, charge and use the batteries only in matched pairs. The batteries should be the same type, made by the same manufacturer and purchased at the same time.

Vape Battery Chargers

Although you can always use the USB port to charge a vape mod with a removable battery, you may find that it’s even more convenient to charge your batteries with a standalone battery charger. We offer a wide array of vape battery chargers from reliable and trusted brands such as Nitecore and Efest. When you have a standalone battery charger, you can vape with one battery while charging another battery. By rotating your batteries, you’ll also minimise wear and tear and keep your batteries lasting longer.

These are the features of a great vape battery charger.

  • Support for all battery capacities and chemistries. In addition to charging lithium-ion batteries, a good battery charger can also work with other common household rechargeable batteries such as NiMH and NiCad.
  • Selectable charging speeds. A good battery charger will allow you to select a higher current for quick charging or a lower current for reduced heat and improved longevity.
  • Independent cell monitoring and charging. A good battery charger can handle batteries with different chemistries and charge levels simultaneously and will alert you if a battery seems to have a problem.

Vape Coil Building Supplies

If you’re ready to move from the world of electronic cigarettes with pre-built coils to a new vaping setup with a rebuildable atomizer, you’ll need to stock your tool kit with some coil building supplies. Building your own vape coils from scratch is a labour of love, but it’s a great way to save money on vaping. In addition, many people love having the ability to build coils to their exact specifications. Owning a rebuildable atomizer is a must if you’re ready to step up to true vaping expertise.

These are the things you’ll need if you want to begin using a rebuildable atomizer.

  • You’ll need tools such as wire cutters, ceramic tweezers and coil winding rods to wrap, mount, trim and adjust your coils. We offer convenient coil building kits that include all of the required tools in a single package.
  • You’ll need at least one spool of wire. The most popularvape wire for coil building is kanthal. Nichrome and stainless steel are two other common options.
  • You’ll need a package ofvape cotton. Cotton is the most popular material to use for a wick when you build your own coils. Vape cotton uses pesticide-free fibres specifically selected for durability, heat resistance and superior flavour.

Replacement Glass for Vape Tanks

Have you dropped your vape tank on a hard surface and broken the glass? That’s exactly why most vape tanks include replacement glass enclosures, which give you the ability to repair your tank and get back to vaping quickly. If you’ve already used your tank’s replacement glass, though – or your tank didn’t include a replacement enclosure when you purchased it – you can find replacement glass for popular tanks from brands like SMOK and Aspire here at Simply ELiquid.

Here’s how to install a replacement glass enclosure for your vape tank.

  • Disassemble the tank completely and discard the coil. Remove any large glass shards carefully.
  • Wash the tank’s top and bottom hardware to dislodge any remaining glass particles. Dry the components fully before continuing.
  • Install a new coil.
  • Wash and dry the replacement glass enclosure.
  • Reassemble your tank over the replacement glass, being certain not to over-tighten the components. The tank should be just finger-tight; the rubber or silicone gaskets will hold the glass in place.

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