Vape Kits FAQs

What Are the Different Types of Vape Kits?

When you shop for vape starter kits in the UK, you’ll find that virtually all of them fall into one of three categories.

  • Pod Systems: A pod system carries its e-liquid in a removable plastic pod that also houses the device’s atomizer coil. Pod kits are typically the smallest and most stylish of all vaping devices, and they’re usually incredibly simple to use. A pod system generally has a built-in battery and is designed for the mouth-to-lung vaping style that you’ll almost certainly want to use when you first start vaping. A pod system will usually give you the best possible experience with nicotine salt vape juice.
  • Vape Pens: A vape pen is often the perfect step-up device if you’re currently using a pod system because vape pens are typically only slightly larger than pod systems but often offer dramatically better battery life and vapour production. Rather than using a removable and disposable plastic pod, a vape pen uses a glass vape tank that either screws into threading at the top of the device or is a permanent part of the device. Instead of discarding the entire tank when the flavour changes – as you’d usually do with a vape pod – you’ll discard and replace just the atomizer coil.
  • Advanced Vape Kits: An advanced vape kit is usually called a vape mod or box mod. These are the largest and most powerful of all vaping devices, and some people refer to them as sub-ohm kits because an advanced vape mod is always designed to support an atomizer coil with an electrical resistance under 1 ohm. If you continue vaping long enough, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up using an advanced vape kit one day. However, this generally isn’t the type of vape kit that you should buy if you’re new to vaping. Advanced vape mods are a bit more complicated than pod systems and vape pens. They’re also generally designed for direct-to-lung vaping, which is probably not the inhaling style you’ll want to use at first.

Why Doesn’t Simply ELiquid Sell Vape Kits That Use Pre-Filled Vape Pods?

As you’ve browsed the selection of vape kits here at Simply ELiquid, you’ve no doubt noticed that we don’t carry the same pre-filled e-cigarettes that you’ve seen at your local convenience stores and supermarkets.

Although the pre-filled electronic cigarettes that you can find at traditional tobacco retailers are nice in that they provide an easy way for you to introduce yourself to vaping, pre-filled devices have two major drawbacks in that the refill pods are expensive and are typically only available in a few different flavours.

There are hundreds of different bottled e-liquid flavours in the world today, and the way to have a great vaping experience is by using a refillable device that works with all of those flavours. That’s why we only carry refillable vape kits.

What Is Included in a Vape Starter Kit?

When you buy a vape starter kit, you can expect to receive everything that you need to use your new device except the e-liquid. You’ll get the vaping device itself along with the required charging cable. You’ll charge the device by connecting the cable to the device and to your computer’s USB port.

If you buy a pod-based device, you can also expect to receive at least one pod. If the device uses a disposable pod with a permanent atomizer coil, you’ll most likely receive two pods with the kit. If the kit uses a pod with a removable atomizer coil, you’ll probably receive one pod and two atomizer coils. Likewise, you’ll usually receive two atomizer coils if you buy a vape pen with a glass tank. A vape pen kit will always include a compatible tank.

When you buy an advanced vape mod, you’ll want to read the product page and note the items included in the package. If the vape mod is sold as a full kit, it’ll include a compatible tank. Some experienced vapers aren’t interested in replacing their vape tanks every time they buy new vaping devices, though, so many vape mods are also available on their own without tanks. With an advanced vape mod, you’ll also want to note whether the device includes a battery or not. When a vape mod uses a removable battery, you’ll usually need to buy the battery separately.

How Much Do Vape Kits Cost?

You’ll find plenty of vape kits under £20 here at Simply ELiquid because we’ve made it a special priority to stock vape starter kits for every budget. If you’d prefer a vaping device with greater capabilities, more advanced pod systems and vape mods typically cost around £40 and up. One of the most important things to keep in mind if you’re shopping for your first vaping device is that there’s no need to spend a fortune on your first vape starter kit. With any modern vape kit, you can expect to have a great experience as long as you select the right e-liquid for your equipment and for your personal needs.

The more expensive vaping devices cost as much as they do because they often have advanced capabilities such as automatic temperature limiting and custom power curves. Experienced vapers often demand those features because they want to control their vaping devices as finely as possible. When you’re new to vaping, though, you don’t need those features and will have a better experience if you just focus on the basics of vaping such as learning to maintain your device and inhale properly.

What Type of Vape Kit Should I Buy if I’m New to Vaping?

If you’re a new vaper shopping for your first vape starter kit, a pod system is almost definitely the right choice for you. They’re small, stylish and easy to use, which is exactly what you want. When you’re trying to transition from smoking to vaping – which isn’t always easy – you really need a vaping device that gets out of the way and just works. That’s exactly what a pod system does.

Pod systems are usually puff activated, which means that you just need to puff on the device to vape. With other types of vaping devices, you usually have to hold a manual fire button to vape – which has its own benefits, but you’re likely to prefer a puff-activated device as a new vaper.

The most important feature of pod systems is that they’re specifically designed to give you a great experience with nicotine salt e-liquid, which is almost always the best type of vape juice to use if you’re new to vaping.

What Type of E-Liquid Should I Buy for My Vape Kit?

The two types of e-liquid are freebase nicotine e-liquid – which most commonly has a nicotine strength of 3 mg/ml or 6 mg/ml – and nicotine salt e-liquid, which is usually available in strengths of approximately 10 mg/ml and 20 mg/ml. The greater the vapour production of your hardware is, the lower the nicotine strength of your e-liquid should be. These suggestions will help you get started.

If you’re using a device designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling – such as most pod systems and many vape pens – we suggest buying nicotine salt e-liquid and starting with the higher 20 mg/ml nicotine strength. The higher nicotine strength is appropriate for most new vapers because it’s the closest that you can get to the amount of nicotine per puff that you’d get from smoking a cigarette. If you feel like you’re getting too much nicotine, try a lower strength.

If you’re using a device designed for direct-to-lung inhaling – which is the case with most advanced vape mods – we suggest buying freebase nicotine e-liquid and starting with the lower 3 mg/ml nicotine strength. Today’s advanced vape mods produce so much vapour that the 6 mg/ml nicotine strength is unnecessary for most people. If you don’t find your vaping experience satisfying, try a higher strength.