What Are Vape Mods with Replaceable Batteries?

Replacement vape battery box mods use one or more removable vape batteries that you’ll buy separately and install yourself. That’s the primary way in which replacement battery mods differ from internal battery mods. When you buy vape pens or other types of vape kits, the batteries are already installed and are not removable. When you buy a replacement battery mod, on the other hand, the batteries are not included. Before you can use a vape mod with removable batteries, you’ll need to purchase the batteries. You may pay a little more up front for a mod with a removable battery. However, buying this type of device can also have long-term benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Vape Mods with Replaceable Batteries?

Although you may pay a little more for replacement battery vape mods if you don’t already own batteries that you want to use, you may actually find that the long-term cost of owning this type of device is lower compared to the cost of owning built-in battery mods. Here are the benefits of using a vape mod with replaceable batteries.

  • You can charge the batteries with an external charger if you like. Using an external charger means that you can use one battery or pair of batteries while charging other batteries externally. It also means that you still have a way to charge your device if the built-in USB port breaks.
  • Buying your vape batteries separately means that you can buy batteries that suit your personal requirements. You can choose a battery with a higher capacity, or you can choose one with a higher amperage ceiling – it’s up to you. When you use a mod with an integrated battery, on the other hand, you’re stuck with whatever battery the manufacturer selects.
  • If you use a dual-battery box mod, you’ll have better battery life and a greater available power range than what you’d get with a mod that has an integrated battery. A vape mod with an integrated battery pack usually has a maximum power of 80-100 watts. A dual-battery box mod can usually operate at up to 200 watts.
  • A vape mod with removable batteries may last longer than one with an integrated battery. When you use a built-in battery mod, you can no longer use the device if the device’s USB port breaks or if the battery stops holding a charge. With a replacement battery mod, you have two ways to charge the batteries and can replace the batteries easily when their capacity begins to decline.

What Features Should a Replacement Battery Vape Mod Have?

When you buy a vape mod with replaceable batteries, you expect to receive a device that offers the utmost in performance and flexibility. Even more importantly, you expect to receive a product that’s going to last a long time and won’t suddenly become obsolete within the next few months. Here are a few features that a replacement battery vape mod should have if you want to be just as happy with your purchase several months from now as you are today.

  • The mod should have fully adjustable wattage. No single wattage is appropriate for every vape tank on the market, and no single wattage is appropriate for the needs of every vaper. Adjustable wattage is what makes it possible for a vape mod to deliver exactly the vaping experience that you want.
  • The mod should have a logical, usable interface. At minimum, a vape mod usually has a main fire button along with two adjustment buttons. Those are the buttons that you’ll use to change vaping modes, set the device’s internal time, reset the built-in puff counter and more. The interface should be a pleasure to use, and the screen should be large and vivid.
  • The mod should support a wide range of coil resistances and should, in particular, have a low minimum oil resistance. The minimum coil resistance on a high-end vape mod is typically 0.05-0.10 ohm. Having a vape mod with a low minimum coil resistance ensures that you’ll have no trouble connecting any vape tank that you want to use – including the vape tanks of the future that haven’t been released yet. A large part of what makes owning a vape mod so much fun is the fact that you’re free to experiment with third-party tanks, so a low minimum coil resistance is a feature that’s very important.
  • The mod should be built for maximum durability and resiliency. If you want to use your vape mod for the next year or more, you need a device that’s not going to stop working if you happen to drop it on the floor. Today, companies are building vape mods with extra shock resistance, and they’re building mods that are almost completely unaffected by dust and moisture. With one of these extra-durable vape mods, you’ll have an excellent chance to enjoy your purchase for a very long time.

How Do You Charge Replaceable Vape Mod Batteries?

If you currently use a small vaping device such as a vape pen or pod system, you’re probably used to charging the device by connecting it to your computer using the included USB cable. When you buy a vape mod with replaceable batteries, you can still charge your device that way if you like. When you connect the device to your computer, the screen will show the charging status. When the charge cycle is complete, the screen will either turn off or display a full battery meter.

Using a vape mod with removable batteries, however, also gives you a second charging option: You can buy an external battery charger. If you do that, you’ll want to confirm that the charger supports lithium-ion batteries of the type that you want to use. Most vape mods use 18650 batteries. Because 18650 batteries are very popular – they’re also used for other types of consumer products such as torches – most lithium-ion battery chargers support them.

With some lithium-ion battery chargers, you can choose the strength of the charging current. Most 18650 batteries work best when charging with a current of 1 amp or lower. Charging with a lower current will increase the charging time, but it’ll reduce the heat produced by the batteries during charging, which may help them last longer.

How Long Do Replaceable Vape Mod Batteries Last?

Every lithium-ion battery has a finite life. After a while, the battery’s maximum capacity will begin to decrease – and eventually, the capacity will decrease to such an extent that the battery is no longer usable. At that point, it’s time to recycle the battery. It’s impossible to know exactly how long any rechargeable battery will last, but you can typically expect a battery that’s used daily to perform well for several months to a year. To maximise a battery’s life, store it at room temperature and keep it away from extreme heat and cold.

How Do You Use Replaceable Vape Mod Batteries Safely?

When you use a vape mod with removable batteries, you’re responsible for ensuring that you use the batteries safely. A lithium-ion battery stores a considerable amount of power, and there’s a potential risk of fire if you don’t handle it properly. Follow these safety tips when you use replaceable vape mod batteries.

  • If you use a dual-battery vape mod, you should use two matching batteries made by the same manufacturer. Those batteries should remain “married” throughout their life. Always charge and use them together.
  • Don’t use batteries with any sign of visible damage such as denting or bulging. Batteries with physical deformities should be retired permanently and recycled. If a battery has a torn wrapper, you should stop using it immediately and replace the wrapper.
  • Don’t charge any vape mod with the wall adapter for a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.
  • Only use your vape mod with high-amperage batteries intended for vaping.

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