A Beginner's Guide On How To Avoid A Dry Hit

April 29, 2022 4 min read

Imagine this scenario: you are waiting for an e-liquid to arrive and have been anticipating its arrival for over one week.  You are certain this will be your new all-day vape liquid and are full of excitement regarding its arrival.  When the e-liquid finally arrives, you tear the packaging open and a shiny 30ml bottle of the e-liquid stands before you ready to be vaped.  Prepared with a new vaping coil, you unscrew the lip and fill the e-cigarette's tank.  Placing the tip of the e-cigarette in your mouth, you take a deep breath expecting to inhale a sublime e-liquid; however, the anticipation of joy suddenly turns into a sensation of outrage as you realize this is not what you have ordered.

Comparable to the possession of a faulty Xbox that will not turn on; you just received a dry hit!

While this scenario is nowhere near any life or death situation, to a vaper it can be an excruciating experience.  Fortunately, there are various techniques available to avoid such situations; however, to understand how to avoid dry hits it is important that one first understand what a dry hit is.  This article will discuss what a dry hit is and the methods available to avoid experiencing this situation.

Old Coil Rules

Take a moment to consider the last time you changed your e-cigarette's coil.  The average lifespan of a vaping coil is between one to two weeks; therefore it is important that regular changes are performed.  Elements such as frequency of use, power settings and the ingredients in the e-liquids can influence the durability or lifespan of the coil, so sooner or later you will need to discard the old one and bring in a new one.  However, do not dispose of the coil just yet as there are various other aspects that can result in dry hits.

Seeing A Tank Half Full

In many cases, novices in vaping do not understand the amount required in their e-liquid tank to effectively operate an e-cigarette.  One of the most common causes of a dry hit is when the individual attempts to vape with an empty tank.  The solution for this situation is simple; merely fill the tank with a suitable amount of e-liquid.  It is essential that the liquid is of an appropriate amount because you do not want to flood the tank.

Stop, Saturate And Listen

In today's society, the concept of instant gratification is rife among almost all individuals.  This means that when a person wants something, they want it now and will do anything to get it.  However, when it comes to the new e-liquid flavor you discovered in reviews, it is best to wait before trying it.  While you may be eager to vape the liquid once it is in your tank, it would be more beneficial if the coil is first primed so the cotton is able to effectively absorb the e-liquid.  Preparation is important if you want to avoid a dry hit.

How does this work?  To prepare for vaping a new e-liquid, it is recommended that you allow the e-cigarette or vaping device a five minute break before use.  This will ensure the coil becomes saturated with the new liquid by allowing the new e-liquid to "sit".

No Need To Head H.A.M.

To experience extreme hits with optimum flavor, vapers considered power-vapers will push their vaping devices to the limit attaining maximum wattage.  A power-vaper is constantly pursuing the most intense type of vaping experience and while this may result in excellent experiences, it is recommended that one reduce the "push" from time to time.

The fact of the matter is that not all e-liquids and vaping devices are created to support extreme amounts of power, as is the case in power-vaping situations.  In many cases, the atomizer will heat up quickly thereby disallowing the e-liquid to saturate the coil before being vaporized.  To resolve this problem all you need to do is lower the voltage settings on the device, adjust to a suitable power level and you are "good to go".  After all, e-cigarettes are not the same as hookahs and inhaling as if it is your last chance to inhale is unnecessary.  Take it easy and you can avoid experiencing the detrimental or devastating dry hits.

No Joy For Excessive Chain Vapers

Chain vapers will present with rapid puffs in close succession and this is not a good idea for various reasons.  While chain vaping can result in dry hits, it is also impossible to truly enjoy the vaping experience as you are unable to savor any e-liquid flavor.  The best way to deal with this situation is to slow down and wait a few minutes between each vaping puff.  If the dry hits continue, try putting the vaping device down for a few minutes and then attempt to vape again.

No Adjusting Of Airflow

Due to advancement in the vaping industry, vapers have seen a massive growth in the innovation of feature-rich vaping devices.  The more advanced options are now equipped with accessories such as adjustable airflow settings that allow the vaper to control the airflow of the vaping experience.  While this is highly beneficial, if not managed correctly it can produce adverse results and be a downer instead of an upper.  For example, repetitive vaping with the tank's air holes being fully open can lead to a drying out of the coil's wick.  Should you encounter this issue, try adjusting the air holes or covering them with your fingers.