April 29, 2022 5 min read

You’ve made the decision that you’re ready to give up smoking and switch to vaping. That’s the first step in a process that’s going to prove truly transformative for the quality of your life – but it’s only the first step. Before you can actually start vaping, you need to choose the best vape kit for your needs. That’s where this article is going to help; we’re going to walk you through the first step in switching to vaping.

Vaping is fundamentally different from smoking, and it isn’t just different because vapour isn’t smoke. It’s also different because the products themselves have almost nothing in common aside from the fact that they both contain nicotine. All cigarette brands are fundamentally the same, but you can’t say the same thing about electronic cigarettes. Some vape products are geared toward beginners, and others are designed to give advanced vapers a great vaping experience and may not be quite what you’re looking for. All of the various vape kit brands bring something slightly different to the table.

So, what should you look for when you shop for vape kits in the UK? We’ll help you get started with this walkthrough.

What Is a Vape Starter Kit?

Before you can choose the best vape kit for your needs, you must understand how full vape starter kits differ from plain vaping devices. The definition of a full vape kit is that it includes everything you need to get started with vaping in one box. A bare vaping device usually only comes with the device and the charging cable. A full starter kit, on the other hand, includes a vape tank and replacement coils or pods. All that you need to do is add e-liquid. If you’re a first-time vaper, your first vape kit should definitely be a full starter kit.

What Are the Different Types of Vape Kits?

The easiest way to shop for your first vape kit is by first identifying the general type of device that you want. Most of the vape kits in the UK fall into four different categories. These are the four types of kits that you’ll see as you browse the selection here at Simply ELiquid.

  • Pod System: A pod system is a vaping device that stores its vape juice in a removable plastic pod with a built-in atomizer coil. Pod vapes are usually the best vape kits for beginners because they’re designed to perform well with e-liquids that have high nicotine strengths. Nicotine salt vape juice is usually the right type of e-liquid to buy if you’re new to vaping, and you’ll have a great experience with nicotine salts if you use a pod system.
  • Vape Pen: Compared to pod systems, vape pens are generally a little larger while offering superior vapour production and battery life. A vape pen can be a good choice for you if you’re a first-time vaper with higher nicotine needs. Vape pens can also be good step-up devices for pod system owners who are craving better performance.
  • Vape Mod: Vape mods – also called box mods – are the biggest and most powerful vaping devices on the market. They can often be somewhat complicated to use. In addition, vape mods usually include tanks designed for direct-to-lung inhaling, which probably isn’t what you’ll prefer as a beginner. Vape mods usually aren’t the best vape kits for new vapers.
  • Disposable Vape: A disposable vape is a single-use vaping device that doesn’t have a rechargeable battery or a refillable tank or pod. Disposable vapes are usually rated to provide up to either 200 or 400 puffs, and those two capacities are roughly equivalent to one pack of cigarettes and two packs respectively. Disposable vapes are the most convenient vaping devices on the market, and buying a disposable vape is a good way to find out what an e-cigarette tastes like and how it feels to vape. Buying a disposable vape every day or two, however, is significantly more expensive than using a refillable and rechargeable vaping device.

What Is the Best Vape Kit for a Beginner?

We believe that pod systems and vape pens are usually the best vape kits for new vapers. That’s because they’re the smallest refillable vaping devices on the market, and the smallest vaping devices are usually the ones that are easiest to learn how to use. Small vaping devices are also usually best for beginning vapers because they’re designed to work best with higher-nicotine e-liquids. You’ll want to use a high-strength e-liquid as a new vaper because it’ll give you an efficient nicotine delivery profile and an assertive throat hit that feels as close as possible to smoking a cigarette.

What Should I Look for When Buying My First Vape Kit?

Reading this article, you’ve learned what the different types of vape kits are. You’ve also learned the two general types of vape kits – pod systems and vape pens – that are usually best for first-time vapers. We’ll conclude the article by discussing the four qualities that we believe the best vape kit for a beginner should always have.

  • Look for a device with a built-in battery for maximum convenience. A device with a removable battery costs more because using one means that you’ll need to buy the battery separately. It also means that you’ll need to learn how to store, charge and transport your removable batteries safely. You’ll have a lot less to worry about if you use a vaping device with a built-in battery, and charging the device is as simple as connecting it to your computer.
  • Look for a device with a simple control scheme, so you’ll have no trouble understanding how to use the device right out of the box. An auto-firing device that generates vapour automatically when you puff is usually best. A device with a single-button control scheme can also be appropriate for a beginner. You’ll get bigger vapour clouds with a device that has a manual fire button, but the device won’t be quite as easy to use as one with automatic firing.
  • Look for a vape pen that includes a tank. Alternatively, you can buy a pod system. Buying a vaping device and tank separately is an experience that’s unnecessarily complicated for a new vaper, and there’s always a chance of choosing a tank and device that are incompatible with one another. If you buy a device that includes a tank, you can be certain that the two components will work together.
  • Look for a device designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling. The mouth-to-lung inhaling style is what works best with higher-nicotine e-liquids, and it’s what most closely replicates the experience of smoking a cigarette. Almost all pod systems are designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling. If you’re buying a vape pen, look at the tank’s mouthpiece to determine the inhaling style for which it’s designed. If the mouthpiece is narrow like the filter of a cigarette, the tank is probably right for you.