Allow E-Cigs In The Office To Increase Productivity

April 29, 2022 2 min read


The old style offices of the past were once choked with the stench of second-hand smoke and non-smokers were quite naturally unhappy about it. They were forced to breathe in the noxious emissions of other people’s cigarettes and they would then find that their clothing smelled bad too!

Those bad old days are thankfully over thanks to the banning of cigarettes in public places, so bars, offices, shops and restaurants are all now smoke-free zones. This is good news for the health of the public at large…but what about the smokers? Are they suffering due to their enforced abstention? You bet they are!

Mny smokers report feelings of anxiety and jitteriness when they’re forced to go without a hit for prolonged periods of time. Their concentration falters and they repeatedly check their watches to see when they might reasonably nip outside to have a smoke. This even applies to those of us who no longer smoke cigarettes but who choose to smoke E-Cigarettes instead.

Despite E-Cigarettes giving off nothing more remarkable than harmless vapour, most places of work have banned them. If vapers were allowed their E-Cigarettes in work then employers would doubtless find that productivity and happiness amongst their workers would increase.

Non vapers would not feel as though their vaping colleagues were shirking their duties every time they popped out for a vape…and the overall satisfaction of the team would improve as resentment towards those who were taking extra breaks would no longer be an issue.

Losses due to workers popping out to vape or losing concentration due to being unable to leave the premises are quite high and it’s time that the rules were looked at again with fresh eyes.