Are Attitudes to E-Cigs Changing?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

As an industry, we are always concerned about the way people look at us. Obviously, we want to try and present ourselves in the best possible light, but this is not always possible when the media is determined to paint vaping and eliquid as being some kind of tool for teenagers to enter into the world of smoking with.

However, have attitudes begun to change recently? Well, that’s something we are interested in finding out about.

A Rise in Support

Since lockdown began, we have seen a rise in support for electronic cigarettes, which is good. There are quite a few reasons for this.

When lockdown began, people were feeling quite introspective, quite concerned with how the world was. Being shut indoors for so long meant that people were trying to find a way back to what made sense, and they often started looking inwards, trying to improve themselves during the period of time when no one to go outside or actually engage with the world. 

Consequently, a lot of people started to try and give up cigarettes. Obviously, with the Internet still on full throttle, and online business is doing better than ever before, a lot of people started looking to the electronic cigarette to provide a solution, a way to gradually quit smoking without going cold turkey. That meant that deliveries went up, support went up, and people are going to understand that we are not trying to brainwash children into picking up cigarettes, we are trying to help people enjoy electronic ones when they have the correct age to do so.

Bigger Fish to Fry 

Honestly, one of the big reasons why people have stopped hammering into electronic cigarettes so much is that there are bigger things to worry about right now. Perspective is a funny thing. When people have a new perspective on the world, they start to change how they look at things. They realise there’s more important stuff to worry about. 

The coronavirus is a massive problem. It’s killed hundreds of thousands of people, infected millions, and there is just a growing sense of fear and uncertainty about the future. There is no room to sit and worry about whether or not the electronic cigarettes are a gateway for anybody, because it’s just not important anymore. Honestly, we would be inclined to agree. It doesn’t matter in a lot of ways, because all we are focused on is providing people of the correct age with good products. We don’t have to fight a media war anymore, and to be honest we never wanted to to begin with.

In conclusion, attitudes towards electronic cigarettes have shifted, probably for the better. They’ve definitely improved in recent months, as people have begun to look into electronic cigarettes as being a good way to quit smoking, and they are definitely a resource that will come to do some good. We can’t wait for more people to start making the transition.