Bristol First To Introduce Voluntary Outdoor Smoking Ban

April 29, 2022 1 min read

Bristol Kicks Off Voluntary Outdoor Smoking Ban

Yesterday Bristol introduced a new voluntary outdoor scheme that are the UKs first major outdoor smoking free zones.

Both Millennium square and Anchor Square, which are popular family hotspots are the chosen areas in which the ban will take place. Although no enforceable ban will be imposed on smokers that choose to ignore the 11 signs placed around the areas asking them to not light up.

Scheme Has A Lot Of Backing

The scheme has had a tremendous amount of support from local businesses, the city council and health campaigners. However the lobbying group Forest feels the ban is unjustified and unfair. The director of the Forest said:

"Smoking is banned in all enclosed public places. Now campaigners want to ban it outside. This is creeping prohibition.

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Bristol squares aim to stub out cigarettes with voluntary outdoor smoking ban