Calling Last Stop For Electronic Cigarettes

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Branded the devices you can use anywhere, electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more limited in terms of where they can be used. It is only recently that both popular businesses Starbucks, a popular cafe chain, and JD Wetherspoons have come out and made an official statement that E cigs are no longer allowed in their premises. Starbucks have even stated that it bans smoking and e cigs within 25 feet of its cafes.

In recent news it has now been confirmed that several rail companies including Greater Anglia, First Capital Connect and C2C have banned electronic cigarettes. The justification for a ban the rail giants claim is due to health and safety fears. They also said that e-cigs could cause confusion among other passengers with them mistaking the vapour for real cigarette smoke.

A spokesperson for Greater Anglia said the ban was “in common with other train operators" and the decision had been taken "in line with the British Medical Association's recommendation that e-cigarettes should be included in the ban on smoking in public places."

Right ok so these devices can be in appearance and function similar to a cigarette but lets not forget THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. It is not a valid argument to place restrictions on one thing due to its appearance. Do you see where I am going with this? It has been said by some legislators that if people are allowed to use their electronic cigarettes in public places where smoking is banned this could send out the wrong message that cigarette smokers can light up too.

I have heard some excuses in my time but this has just made its way into my top 5. Come on it’s nearly as bad as the whole “the dog ate my home work” many of us tried at school. I actually once did have a friend who had his homework ate by his dog...unsurprisingly the teacher didn't believe him.

Electronic cigarettes are being used by over a million people in the UK and the awareness surrounding these is ever say that they give off the wrong message is in my opinion just plain irresponsible and is pushing people to revert back to cigarettes or use other methods such as the nicotine patch or gum that has a very poor proven success rate. While I can understand people not wanting others to use e cigs whilst at restaurants and similar places I do not understand the need to stop people using them in general and especially outdoors at train stations or outside of a cafe such as Starbucks. While I was out the other day I came across this sign:

I think this sign is brilliant as it helps to differentiate the two. If businesses were to incorporate and make use of this with maybe a little short paragraph underneath explaining the difference it would help to raise awareness of electronic cigarettes that use e liquid to produce harmless vapour instead of harmful smoke in cigarettes.

What are your thoughts?

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