Can We Vape In The Pub Or Cinema?

April 29, 2022 3 min read

A lot of vapers ask us these questions regarding whether or not they are allowed to vape at the pubs or a public cinema. We thought there should be a blog addressing these questions, so below are the answers.

Is Vaping allowed at the Cinema?

A lot of people like to sit back and enjoy a nice movie on the weekends after all the hustle that the working days have to offer. Not giving a damn about the nerve-wracking workload and stressful deadlines, it feels great to kick back and relax while you escape into an imaginary world for a couple of hours. For doing so, a lot of Vapers come across some questions, “will I be allowed to vape in a cinema, or should I just watch a movie at home where I’ll be able to enjoy two of my favorite things at the same time?

When you think about vaping at a cinema, two places come to mind, the lobby area that can be all places within the premises of a cinema where no screening happens. The second area obviously is the screen. I have a bad news for you, you’re not allowed to vape or smoke in either one of those areas.

A lot of you must be thinking, why is it so? Like all public places, smoking and vaping are prohibited to keep other customers from getting upset who don’t smoke or vape. When you talk about vaping in a cinema, one can imagine the reaction of other people when the dense vape-clouds would cover up the screen. Cinema audience complaining about the situation can never work out for the vaping fans, who are supposed to be following the e-cig etiquettes in the first place.

Having said that, we don’t think there is anything wrong with a Vaper going to a public cinema to find out the latest results. In general scenarios, visiting cinemas are usually just a part of the whole weekend plan which can include a trip to your favorite restaurant or a bar or any other place you like to hang out with your friends. You can get on with a quick vape session with your mates while you’re on the go. Hence, not being able to vape in the cinema wouldn’t seem like a big deal.

You can get further information from a representative at the cinema that might let you know if there are any places where vaping is allowed.

Am I allowed to Vape at the Pubs?

No legislation has been passed yet that might prohibit vaping at an indoor public area. Vaping doesn’t come under the same rules as smoking because it doesn’t involve burning of any substance during the process. Although, all restaurants and pubs do have an authority to apply their own rules hence allowing or prohibiting any action they might please.

Some of the famous pub chains like Mitchells & Butlers and Wetherspoons strictly prohibit smoking and vaping in all of their pubs throughout the nation. Wetherspoons clearly states on their website:

“We do not permit the use of electronic cigarettes or vaporisers outside of the designated smoking areas on our premises. This includes hotel rooms and external areas.”

A similar statement by Mitchells and Butlers reads:

“For the comfort of all our guests Mitchells & Butlers do not allow the use of electronic cigarettes within our premises. Although we realise that the fumes are just vapours and non-harmful this is not clearly understood by everyone and can lead to confusion for others. Therefore, to prevent this, we request that guests do not use this product in our premises.”

The issue on hand becomes vaguer when you talk about leased pub venues. For example, a pub company Enterprise, that has a lot of leased venues, does not keep the authority of setting rules and regulation for their leased venues. The operator of a specific venue decides whether or not he would permit any specific action, in this case vaping. You might find an Enterprise pub where vaping is allowed as well as one where it isn’t. You can always ask a staff member at such public places to confirm if you’re allowed to vape or not.