Charging Your Electronic Cigarette Safely.

April 29, 2022 2 min read


There have been a few stories in the news recently which appear to point out some potential “dangers” stemming from the use of E-Cigarettes. The incidents have involved people who whilst attempting to charge their E-Cigarette have inadvertently caused fires to break out. Almost without variation though, the fires have been caused by vapers plugging in their E-Cigarettes to chargers which were not the one they were provided with.

Do Not Charge With The Wrong Charger

One case saw a young woman plug her E-Cigarette into her phone’s charger before she went to sleep; she was then awoken some time later to find that her bed had been engulfed in flames. E-Cigarettes are like any electronic device…if misused they have the potential to cause a fire risk but when managed properly they are completely safe. Even if your phone charger appears to fit with your E-Cigarette do notbe tempted to substitute it for the actual charger which the retailer has provided you with.

The unfortunate young woman in question was not too badly injured but the incident could have been much worse had she not woken up in time to put the fire out; she had been using her Apple iphone charger with her E-Cigarette and this was what had caused the fire.

Read Packaging Advice & Never Charge Over Night

Similarly do not use the charger from another E-Cigarette brand with your own E-Cigarette…they may look the same but they’re not and were built differently for a reason. Your E-Cigarette packaging will warn you not to change chargers and this advice should be heeded. If you worry about being without a charger then it can be a good idea to purchase a second “spare” charger from your supplier and keep this in a safe place…some people have one charger at home and another in their place of work. In addition do not leave your e-cig charging overnight, again just like any electrical device this can be a fire hazard.

Whilst most people take sensible precautions when charging their E-Cigarettes, some people will take risks assuming that nothing bad will happen but this is just reckless. Read the safety warnings on your E-Cigarette packaging and stick to the advice given to