Choosing the Best E Cigarette

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Which E Cigarette Is Best For Me?

So you have quit smoking and are looking to buy your first electronic cigarette. First of all I would like to congratulate you on this massive achievement, this was no easy decision and quitting cigarettes is difficult, however you have made the right choice.

Looking online it can be a daunting experience for new vapers to buy their first device. I mean which is the best e cigarette? Should I get a manual or automatic battery? and how much should I spend? Don't worry, like buying anything new it can be hard to know what is best and which to buy. For this reason I thought I would put together a little guide – below are the questions you should be asking yourself before you go out and buy one:

• Battery Life / Charging options

• Ease Of Use

• Cost

• Design and Feel

• Size

Battery Life / Charging Options

Without the battery your electronic cigarette is basically useless. It is the heart of the e cig and therefore needs to be able to last at least a full day (or around 300 to 350 puffs worth).

There are two types of battery to look out for.

1. Manual

2. Automatic

What’s the difference? Basically the manual battery has a button that needs to be pressed before taking a drag for the battery to activate whereas with the automatic this is just, well....automatic. One of the advantages to the manual is that you can heat up the e liquid before taking a drag.

Ease Of use

Back in the infancy of the device a typical electronic cigarette would be composed of 3 parts. You would have the battery, atomiser and the cartridge. This would make refilling the e cigs up quite messy with the liquid getting on clothing and furniture every time you wanted to 'top up'. Nowadays the industry standard e cigarettes are a 2 piece design which makes changing the cartridge very simple as they now come pre-filled with the e liquid. Another added bonus of this design also means you get a fresh atomizer in each replacement.


We all love a bargain but sometimes it is better to spend that extra bit of money to ensure you get a quality product. The cheap, disposable e cigs that can be found in your local newsagents and petrol stations are ok but they are not a patch on the rechargeable / refillable ones available. At the end of the day its up to you how much you want to spend, as a good guide don't go over £50. As you become more experienced you will may want to buy a more expensive electronic cigarette as well as all the varying accessories and different mods but to start with just get something fairly simple.

Design and Feel

The big question for me with this one is do you want the electronic cigarette to look real or not? Some people like to have one that mimics the real thing all the way down to how it looks while other people like to have it looking completely different. Unless you really want one that looks real I would suggest you get one that is easily recognisable as an electronic cigarette so that when you use it out in public there is no confusion.


E cigs come in all shapes and sizes which is why you want one that is the right size for you. There are some that are the size of cigars, if not bigger. Again due to the fact most vapers don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to themselves I would recommend that you don’t by one of the big bulky devices. Also I would be careful when buying micro e cigs as some of them compromise the battery for the size.


So to sum the above up it is recommended that a new vaper should look for an e cig that has a battery with a good life span, be easily distinguishable that it is not a regular cigarette, not be too big in size (and not to small the battery suffers) and be of a reasonable price.You don't need to splash the cash but not be cheap either. E cig kits also are great for new vapers as they contain all the accessories and products needed for a beginner to get started on the road to a healthier life.