Cold Weather Vaping Tips

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Vaping has taken us by storm with research and reviews being overwhelmingly popular as more and more smokers make the switch from vaping to smoking and improve not only their health but also their bank balance.

However, as vaping is a relatively new pastime many people are also only just learning how to care for their vaping equipment and to learn the basics of vaping in different environments.

The cold weather will undoubtedly take some vapers by surprise as they realise that the weather does affect their E-cigarettes and sometimes their Eliquid too! Read on to learn how to vape in the colder weather and what elements of winter can affect you!

Keep Your Equipment Warm:

Ok, not literally warm but you do need to protect your E-cigarette and spare batteries from the cold weather. Don’t ever leave your equipment in your car! The temperature within a car can plummet overnight and damage your E-cigarette or battery. Windowsills are another popular spot to leave vaping equipment but during winter this is an all-round bad idea! When you’re out and about, keep your equipment in your inside pocket as your body heat will ensure that the cold weather does not affect your things. At home, find a spot which has a moderate temperature that stays more or less the same no matter what the time of day. Use a Tupperware box with no lid and place it inside your larder or another cupboard which is easy to access.

Switch To A PG Liquid:

VG liquids are water based and water freezes solid very easily. If you don’t want to make a complete change you could simply increase the amount of PG within your VG liquid.

Metal Drip Tip:

Choose a different drip tip….metal can and often does stick to lips and tongues during very cold weather.

Vaping is something which has to be managed according to environment but once you get into the habit of making these small changes, you will soon find that they are not at all inconvenient and of course, vaping is still much better for you than smoking!