E Liquid Mixology Summer Masterclass

April 29, 2022 2 min read

One of the most freeing things about vaping rather than smoking is that there’s a whole myriad of creativity connected to it; vaping is a much more interestinghabit than plain old smoking and health benefits aside, many vapers are becoming quite the connoisseur when it comes to their e liquid.

Mixology used to apply only to cocktails…but now the vapers are getting in on the act and with the wide range of marvelously flavoured e liquids on offer; it’s not hard to come up with some amazing combinations.

The trick of mixing your own delicious concoctions of e liquid is simple…think about what flavours go into your favourite foods and drinks and get mixing! If you need some inspiration then why not try some of these amazing combinations of e liquid? These mixes are designed to offer a unique and fresh vape…something different from your usual and perhaps to be enjoyed after a meal or whilst socialising.

Watermelon and Mint

Mint e liquid is a very popular flavour; it’s fresh and has a little “bite” to it but combined with a sweet watermelon e liquid you've got a really unusual and almost summery flavour!




Caramel and Almond

The sweet almost buttery flavour of caramel makes for a great vape…a comfortingly luxurious flavour which will warm you to the very heart. Combine it with the nutty luxury of an almond flavoured E-Liquid and you've got a match made in heaven!




Cola and Citrus Zing

Everyone knows that cola goes perfectly with lemon or lime…mix up your favourite cola flavoured e liquid with a fresh citrus E-Liquid and you’ll have a vape that packs a real punch!




Coffee and Plum

Two rich, dark flavours which compliment one another perfectly. The slight bitterness of coffee makes it the perfect foil for the dark, sweet flavour of ripe plums…the perfect cocktail for after dinner or late summer evenings chilling on the terrace.




Violet Brandy

This combo goes so well together because the flavours are so different! Little violet sweeties mixed up with the piquant and uber grown-up taste of brandy create an exciting and very different flavour with more than a hint of decadence.




E-Liquid Mixology is a fun and interesting part of vaping that every vaper should try. You don’t need to stick to the same flavour all the time; experiment, try out flavours which you’d never imagine together and you might be pleasantly surprised…you’ll be discovering new and outlandishly gorgeous flavours in no time!