E liquid - What Flavours Are There?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

E liquid is the substance that you need to put inside an electronic cigarette in order for it to work. There are many different types of liquid that you can purchase. E liquid is cost effective and therefore many people decide to buy various different types of E liquid so that they can change it, depending on their mood.

E Liquids come in various different flavours. A first time user of the electronic cigarette might want to try a traditional cigarette flavour in order to truly mimic the taste of real cigarette. When withdrawal symptoms are high after quitting cigarette smoking, it can be comforting to have the real taste of the normal cigarette in an electronic cigarette.

However, many other people decide to try different flavours and some even decide to be experimental and create their own flavours.

The e liquid flavours that you can get range from vanilla, chocolate, peach, cherry, tomato, coffee, and many others as well. If you buy a DIY E liquid kit, you can combine some of these flavours to create your own unique taste. Some people like to be really wacky and combine peculiar flavours together. You might just discover something really great in mixing together your own flavours. In a do-it-yourself kit you will have all the apparatus needed to create your own E liquid. This will include the pipettes that you need as well as unlabelled and empty bottles so that you can store the E liquid. They will also comes with labels so that you can write on each bottle what you used in each item.

When it comes to your E liquid you also need to decide on which strength of nicotine you like. There are many different strengths of e liquid, ranging from super high nicotine strength for the very heavy user, to light and even a zero strength e liquid. This makes it ideal for people who are looking to quit smoking, because they can gradually cut down on the doses of nicotine overtime.

This could be compared with nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine patches, gums and mints. By substituting your cigarette with nicotine, you can gradually isolate the issue and sensibly cut down on your nicotine intake over time.

Some people believe that by cutting out nicotine completely and suddenly, you will suffer from irritation and nausea as well as other withdrawal symptoms to make it difficult for you to stay on the right track.

When it comes to E liquid, everybody is different and has different tastes and unique requirements. What you have probably will be different from your friend, and so you should try and create your own flavour.