7 Ways To Quit Smoking

April 29, 2022 2 min read

There’s sure to come a time in every smoker’s life where they think about giving up, even if for just a fleeting second, but if you’ve come to the conclusion that you no longer want to be a slave to your addiction, this blog post will really help you find ways that could assist you with quitting. Read on to find out more!


Use vape starter kits

Vaping is a very effective way of ditching the cigarettes for good but it can be difficult to know what you need to get going. Starter kits come with everything you need including plenty of e liquids to choose from to compliment your new device so you don’t have to worry that you’ll be caught short when a craving hits.

Drink less

It can be hard to drink less alcohol when party season is upon us, but try to make a new resolution for 2019 to go to the pub less or drink less when you’re at home. Unfortunately, cigarettes and alcohol go hand in hand so by drinking a bit less you’re sure to find yourself smoking less as well.

Talk to friends and family

There are sure to be relatives and friends out there who want to give up smoking as well and you can offer each other all the support you need to get you through it.


Why don’t you make a deal with yourself that whenever you want a cigarette you try and get some exercise instead? It could be something as small as just going for a walk instead of an hour-long workout or a long run, but you’re sure to not want to smoke after you’ve been exercising so give this a go if you can.

Keep yourself busy

Why not try and pick up a new hobby to keep those hands of yours busy? Something like knitting takes an awful lot of concentration and your hands will be constantly moving, so this could prove particularly useful for helping you quit. But perhaps try this later down the line a little as it can also be quite stressful when it doesn’t go your way!

Identify your triggers

A key strategy for success when quitting smoking is working out what your triggers are and what makes you want a cigarette. Write down what makes you want to smoke and also how you’ve succeeded in managing that situation in the past.

During the first three months especially, try to avoid going to places or seeing people where you know you’ll be in a position where you’re likely to smoke. Talk to your friends as they’re sure to understand!

Don’t give up at the first hurdle

Some people find it easy to give up without any quitting aids whatsoever but other people struggle even using everything they have at their disposal. Remind yourself that the first few days are going to be difficult and don’t give up at the first sign that it’s getting hard… get through the first three days and you’ll be well on your way.