From Smoking Hot To Smoking Ugly. How Smoking Damages Your Looks

April 29, 2022 3 min read

You Can Fag-et Looking Good If You Continue To Smoke

It is widely publicised how smoking causes damage to the inside of our bodies and the damage it can cause to internal organs and the respiratory system however not many people are aware of the effects it has on appearance. Below we talk about ways smoking affects your looks...

Smoking And Skin

A smoker’s skin is usually a dead give away that they smoke. Smoking affects the skin in two main ways:

Drying Effect

The tobacco smoke which is released through the process of smoking into the environment has a drying effect on the skin

Starving Of Oxygen

Blood vessels are constricted thus depleting the skin of a sufficient supply of oxygen and vital nutrients.

Given that the average person maintains a healthily lifestyle they can be usually seen with a natural radiant glow however it is not uncommon for a smokers skin to have a grey, wasted, washed out appearance to it. Research has revealed that smoking may be responsible for the increased production of an enzyme that is known to break down collagen. Collagen is responsible for helping the skin to maintain its youthful elasticity appearance.

Other skin related skin problems caused by smoking can include Psoriasis, stretch marks and scarring.


It would be unfair to point Psoriasis solely on cigarettes as it is an autoimmune skin condition however research shows smoking can greatly increase the chance of developing it.

Psoriasis occurs when the skin cells replace themselves too quickly. The cycle for new skin cells to form and replace the old ones is around 28 days however people suffering from Psoriasis see this process happen in around 2 to 6 days.

Stretch Marks

As pointed out above nicotine causes damage to the fibres and connective tissue in the skin which ultimately means it loses it elasticity. After a quick weight gain such as pregnancy many women develop a few stretch marks, however these are usually more harsh and visible with people that smoke.


The nicotine which is found in cigarettes causes vasoconstriction which is the constraint of the blood vessels – the result of this means that your battle wounds and injuries will take longer to heal resulting in scars that are larger and redder than a none smoker.

The Yellow Look

Everyone craves after nice white pearly teeth like their Hollywood heroes however for a smoker the nicotine in cigarettes causes staining and the yellowing of the teeth. Even though you can buy special formulated toothpaste for smokers which are supposed to combat this yellowing, many of these products haven’t shown any significant results. The only way to get your white teeth back is too pay for an expensive trip to your local dentist to get them whitened.

While we are on the topic of teeth it is also important to mention that smoking can cause oral cancer and gum disease. According to a study that can be found in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, smokers are at more risk to develop gum disease which can result in tooth loss.

In addition to yellow teeth many smokers also possess yellow tinted fingernails and fingers. This yellowing can portray you as someone who has bad hygiene and is unkempt.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

It’s not just your skin that suffers at the hands of the cigarette. It is believed that the toxic chemicals in the smoke cause damage to the DNA in the hair follicles resulting in thinner hair. Also going grey and losing your hair quicker are also linked to smoking.

Bags Under Eyes

A study by John Hopkins reports that smokers are more likely to have sleeping problems than that of a none smoker. Why is this? Although there is no concrete reason as to why this might be the case it has been suggested that the nicotine withdrawal might be the culprit.


Even though many of us will develop cataracts to some degree or another in our lifetime, a smoker is more susceptible to developing cataracts over a none smoker. Smoking alone can increase the chance of developing the eye condition by up to 22%.

Accelerated Ageing

Back in your early teen years you may have wanted to look older, however once you cross that one way bridge and join adulthood you soon wish to recapture your earlier youthful appearance. Smoking limits the blood supply that is responsible for your skin looking healthily and vibrant – this results in the formation of deep wrinkles and lines on the face making you appear much older than you really are.

If you want to quit smoking there are many options open to you. Electronic Cigarettes are deemed the 'modern' way to beat the addiction. By mimicking the smoking habits and actions of a smoker these devices allow the user to gradually wean themselves off nicotine.