Have You Seen Our Large Range Of Electronic Cigarette Kits?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Here at Simply E Liquid we believe that choice is everything and that’s why we stock such a comprehensive range of high quality Electronic Cigarette kits. We know that our clients love our kits because they simplify the process of making the switch from smoking to vaping…and we know that our more seasoned vapers are sticklers for quality so we only stock the very best products.


Buying a kit is a good idea for a variety of reasons…our kits include everything you need to get started as well as comprehensive care instructions so that you can look after your equipment. If you’re a beginner in the world of E Cigarettes then you’ll have plenty of choice with our large range; take the T18E Kit…this is a brilliant option for entry level and consists of 1 650mah EGO battery, 1 CE4 Cartomizer, 1 USB Charge dock and Plug, 1 EGO Lanyard, 1 E-cig Stand and 1 30ml bottle of liquid.

That’s everything you need to start vaping and all for a bargain price too! This is a great little set and because it’s got all you need to get started, you can build up on any additional extras as you go…some people might like to purchase a spare charger or battery to keep at the ready in case in case you run out at the wrong time.

For vapers with a little more experience or for those who like a more unusual design, what about the Innokin CoolFire Z50? This is an outstandingly well designed E-cig in the shape of a grenade! Its shape fits perfectly in the hand making vaping a pleasure in more ways than one. You can choose from black or green and the Innokin also comes complete with 1 Coolfire 2 Unit, 1 iClear 30S Dual Coil Clearomizer, 1 18350 Battery and Charger, 1 Box and 1 Manual. For a bit of stylish vaping this unit ticks all the boxes and would probably make a fantastic gift for a vaper with taste.


For something bang on trend you might like to consider the ELEAF ISTICK 30w E-cig Kit which is a modern MOD kit and which boasts a completely new take on vaping in design and function.

This uber sleek kit is small but has a huge 2200mah capacity battery which will go on for longer than your average battery and so is perfect for heavy vapers. The battery is also capable of variable voltage/wattage with a voltage range of 3.0v to 5.5v and a variable wattage of up to a huge 20w!

It comes with all the kit necessary and we think our customers are going to love both its power and its design.

There are many more kits to choose from and a tempting rage of Eliquids to go alongside them; so whether you’re looking for unusual or reliable you won’t find it hard to get paired up with your perfect kit when you shop with us. Our prices are competitive and we believe that our customer service is second to none…do get in touch if you have any questions or queries regarding our kits or if you’d like any advice regarding your E Cigarette use.