Have You Tried Our New E Liquid Flavours?

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Our new selection of e liquid flavours has everything you need to keep your vaping interesting. There’s no need to stick to the same E Juice every time you run low…why not ring the changes and try something new?

First up on our new menu is Black Ice. This is a delicious and cool combination of Aniseed with a Pernod base. It’s got a high Aniseed content so it’s best used with a glass or Pyrex cartomizer. We think this is a great e liquid flavour for relaxing summer evenings. If you enjoy the flavour of Aniseed then we think you’re going to love Black Jack.Strong and sweet, it’s got an amazing kick to it and it’s available in 5 different strengths including zero nicotine.

For a little retro chic why not give our SHERBERT e liquid flavour a whirl? Just like the delicious drink, it’s a refreshingly sweet flavour with a twist and whilst we’re on the retro rollercoaster why not order some of our Blackcurrant Cheeze e liquid flavour? You can’t get much more delicious than classic blackcurrant and this flavour is available in the usual strengths too.

Looking for something really delicious but unusual? Then Bananas & Creammight tick your boxes. This is a gorgeous combination of chocolate, banana and Aniseed…like a fancy ice-cream sundae this one is just what you need for an after-dinner vape and it’s growing ever more popular as people realise how delicious it is!

Another after dinner cracker has to be our Triple Menthol e liquid flavour. For a cooling and mild vape this is the best out there; it’s even got a hint of Eucalyptus for that added kick.

If Green Mint isn’t cool enough for you and you’re after something even more refreshing then look at Menthol Breezewhich is an incredible menthol e liquid flavour which will knock your socks off if you’re a fan of cool flavours.

Some people just love a sweet E Liquid and if that’s you then you simply musttry Raspberry Menthol; this smells as good as it tastes and it’s very popular among our clients. Perhaps the ultimate in berry flavours is Red Astaire which is a glorious combo of red berries, black grape, Eucalyptus, Aniseed and menthol. A really sophisticated and rich flavour this one feels very avant garde!

Staying on the fruity side of things we simply can’t let our new flavour Tropical Island go without a mention. This is a wonderful concoction of a variety of tropical fruits and its flavour is reminiscent of all those delicious fruit cocktails you’ve every dreamed of eating on a hot island somewhere in the Pacific! Fruit fans out there will be pleased also to see our Very Cherry e liquid flavour which is basically an even cherrier flavoured cherry flavour than ever whilst those who love a bit of citrus will welcome the arrival of Zest Appealwhich we think is heavenly! It’s possibly one of the most refreshing flavours we’ve tried!

All those who are young at heart will be pleased to see new e liquid flavours Strawberry Milkshake, Fizzy Cola and Rhubarb and Custard…they all taste exactly as you’d expect, sweet and delicious and gloriously self-indulgent.

With this many new flavours to choose from we’ll understand if you’re having a tough time choosing! Why not choose some of each and have a fun time experimenting…we’ve no doubt that you’ll find your favourites quickly!