Health Benefits of Swapping to eCigs v Regular Smoking

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Switching to vaping instead of smoking is so much better for your health that it is a recommended method used by the NHS. There is lots of information on their website about why it is so much better, but we thought we'd have a quick look at some other health benefits you can experience if you ditch the cigarettes and instead pick up a vape.

95% Less Harmful

Way back in 2015 Public Health England conducted a study and were able to evidence that vaping using nicotine e-liquids is 95% less harmful to the body than actually smoking cigarettes with tobacco. More recently further research has been done at the Queen Mary University in London and they have endorsed the fact that smokers who can make the transition to vaping stand a much better chance of quitting for good. Vaping devices are also twice as effective at helping the process than other things such as gum and patches.

Why Does it Work Better?

One of the reasons that vaping is thought to be such a good way to stop smoking is that fundamentally you are replacing one habit for another almost identical one. Chewing gum in no way mimics the process of smoking but many beginners vapes have been designed to almost look can feel like a cigarette with a very similar drag process to inhale into the lungs and even get the hit of nicotine at the back of the throat. Because you can control the amount of nicotine in your illiquid you can also start to wean yourself off it but at the beginning, you will not have any withdrawal symptoms as your body is still getting what it thinks it needs.

So, What Happens to the Body?

Even early in the process, as soon as day two if you are no longer smoking cigarettes carbon monoxide from them will exit the body and this will help your lungs start to get clearer. New vapours have reported a sense of taste and smell becoming enhanced from day two. As you move on through the first week many people experience clearer breathing and also increased energy levels. By the time you hit the nine months mark, you can expect your lung function to have improved by 10%. If you keep vaping for a year the heart attack risk drops by 50% when compared to that of a smoker. At five years your risk of diabetes which was extremely high as a smoker has now returned to the same level as that of someone who doesn't smoke. Is that enough to keep you going?

Well if you continue with the vaping habit and many people like it so much that they do just that when you hit the 10-year mark you now have the same stroke risk as if you've never smoked. You also have half your risk of contracting lung cancer. At 15 years, and this is a pretty long haul, you finally have the same heart attack risk as someone who never smoked in the first place. But remember each year away from smoking your risk lowers a little bit anyway.