How To Choose Your Nicotine Levels

April 29, 2022 3 min read

One of the common questions that people have when they start vaping is what nicotine level they should be using? Nicotine happens to be 1 out 4 ingredients accompanied by flavoring, VG and PG which makes up the e-liquid. Strength of the nicotine will vary from one person to the next, which means it comes down to personal preferences. However, there are ways for you to make a decision on what you will enjoy vaping. But to begin with it's important to know what nicotine really is.

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Nicotine is derived in the form of an extract from tobacco plants known as Nicotiana Tabacum. It is also found in far smaller amount in food types such as potatoes and tomatoes. The mood altering effects of nicotine vary in reports from person to person. Certain effects are associated with mood elevation, calmness and alertness. This substance is often used as a type of relaxant or stimulant. Nicotine is addictive substance and is mainly associated with the conventional cigarettes. This is the main reason as to why so many individuals find it hard to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

When it comes to the e-liquids which are available in a variety of stores, they are available in a number of strengths. Here is a list of the more common strengths:

  • 0% or 0mg
  • 0.3% or 3mg (Low)
  • 0.6% or 6mg (Low to Medium)
  • 1.2% or 12mg (Medium)
  • 1.8% or 18mg ( Medium to High)
  • 2.4% or 24mg (High)

These values are translated into the nicotine amount for each ml of the e-liquid. Now that you know more about nicotine and the different strengths, here is some advice on choosing the right strength. To begin with the strength you choose will depend on the type of set-up you own. For example, sub-ohm vaping or what is known as casual vaping. It will also depend in whether you are an ex-smoker or a current smoker.

Here are a few basic tips to help you decide on the right strength for your needs:


Currently there are countless choices in e-liquid flavors and many of these really taste amazing. The levels of nicotine present in the e-liquid are able to make a significant difference to the overall taste. The higher the nicotine strengths mean less flavor for you to taste. In addition, the vape is harsher when it comes to the higher levels of nicotine. It is advisable to choose the lower level nicotine levels when you sub-ohm vape, because the vapor amount produced will make everything a lot more intense.

Throat Hit

The higher levels of nicotine will provide you with stronger throat hits. When you combine this with higher PG based e-liquids the effects are intense. For this reason it is best to look out for these factors before you decide to buy. Take note that the higher PG based e-liquids along with lower nicotine levels might not satisfy your needs as an ex-smoker or smoker because these are used for stronger throat hits. For people who switch from smoking or combine smoking with vaping, throat hits that are more pronounced are more advisable.

Nicotine Addiction

It is a well-known fact that nicotine is addictive. If you happen to be a heavy-smoker it may seem the better choice to choose the highest nicotine levels when it comes to e-liquids. However, you will need to take into consideration that a vaping experience is different when compared to regular smoking and it is not always necessary to go for the highest nicotine level in order to satisfy these needs. For a person that is trying to give up smoking it is more advisable to choose one of the medium strengths and then gradually reduce the nicotine levels over time.

In conclusion, usage of nicotine is not something that should be brushed off lightly. This substance is very easy to abuse and this is particularly true when it comes to vaping. People that are new to the world of vaping should not be anxious about the amount of nicotine contained in the e-juice as dangers are often overstated. As with everything, think about the amount of nicotine you consider to be acceptable very much like alcohol consumption. Find the satisfaction level you prefer, but keep in mind that the nicotine inside the e-liquid is still a harmful substance. If you are trying to give up smoking you should set a goal on how often you would like to decrease the nicotine levels, so that you can get to a stage that you vape without nicotine.