Innokin Ecig Kits

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Innokin emerged in the electronic cigarette market in 2011 with a goal of serving their customers with high quality and high tech devices that feature beautiful and elegant designs. Innokin’s target was to deliver a truly customizable experience to its users and it literally lived up to that promise. No matter what Innoking e-cig you're using, all you have to do is add the e liquid flavor of your choice, adjust the temperature to your taste and you get to have a totally customizable experience that serves the perfect taste and amount of vapor production.

Innokin Logo

Besides serving 1000 Vape shops in the UK alone, electronic cigarette products by Innokin are globally recognized. The company has the charge to design and manufacture four diffrent types of internally recognized e-cig brands including the iTaste, CoolFire, iClear, Gladius, iSub, Innokincell, and Lily.

Another target that Innokin seriously works on is to provide their users with environmental-friendly products that can be used for a long time. Innokin has been working hard on replacing the low-tech disposable electronic cigarettes with their high-tech mods so their users don’t spend money on disposable cigarettes.

Innokin operates from a 10,000 m2 manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China and an After Sales, Service and Repair Center in California, United States. Ever since the company came into being, Innokin has made more than 71 patents to its name. Innokin promises a unique functionality and design for all of its electronic cigarette products.

Simply eLiquid is proud of offering 7 different Innokin products namely the Innokin CoolFire Z50, the Innokin Endura T20 1500 mAh Ecig Kit, the Innokin EZ Watt, the Innokin CoolFire Mini Kit, the Innokin T18E Kit, the Innokin Endura T22e 2000mAh Ecig Kit and the Innokin Endura T18e II Mini Ecig Kit. Whether you’re a newbie or a vaping pro, Innokin has something for everyone. The Innokin e-cig kits serve the needs of both beginners and advanced vapers.