Is This The Most Drastic Method To Quit Smoking?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

You have decided that it’s time to stop smoking. No more wasting hundreds of pounds a year on those white little poisonous sticks, getting out of breath after walking up a simple flight of stairs and reeking of tobacco smoke. Now how to go about this task. There are numerous quit smoking options to choose from but which one? You have heard of many of the quit smoking methods out there from using NRT and e-cigs to going cold turkey and locking your head inside a cage. Sorry...repeat that last one again? Locking your head inside a cage?

The Man Who Locked His Head In A Cage To Beat Smoking

Well spare a thought for a Turkish man named Ibrahim Yücel after he decided this was the only way to beat his lifelong smoking addiction. After years of trying to quit Ibrahim decided to take drastic action and was inspired by the helmets worn by motorbike riders.

This decision was ultimately made after the death of his beloved father after dying from lung cancer, which we all know can be brought about by cigarettes. After smoking two packets of cigarettes a day since the age of 16, Mr Yücel decided to quit for for his family including his small children. His idea, to build a sort of makeshift birdcage that could encage his head therefore preventing him from being able to smoke.

So what’s to stop this man from simply opening the cage and having a cheeky one you might ask? He leaves the keys to the contraption with his wife and children meaning there is no way he can open it. Clever huh?

His family after first being a bit concerned and skeptical with the idea soon realised that if this was the answer to help him quit and improve his health then they would be supportive in his actions.

Below you can watch a short video of Ibrahim wearing his anti smoking cage going about his daily life.

How far would you be willing go to kick your smoking habit? Would you resort to such measures in order to quit? Ibrahim actions may be a little on the extreme side but if this helps him to beat a life long addiction then I wish him the best of luck for the future.