Love Your Chocolate? Try Chocolate E-Liquid..

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Okay, so chocolate + vaping didn’t originally sound very appealing to us. There is something about the thought of inhaling chocolate which doesn’t sit right. So here we investigate what chocolate e liquid is really about – and why so many people like it!

What is chocolate e liquid?

Chocolate is one of many e-liquid flavours of e liquid which you can buy. A user of the electronic cigarette will know that you can really choose how experimental you want to be. Some people stick to traditional cigarette flavours to really mimic a real cigarette. Others choose to DIY e liquid and go for cocktail flavours and fruit combinations. Chocolate e liquid is one of the most popular selling e liquids. It comes in a small, handy bottle and contains a chocolate flavour that users will taste as they inhale the e cig.

What if I don’t like chocolate?

Ok so we don’t know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate... but if there is someone then you can choose other flavours like fruit, coffee and vanilla.

How do you use it?

Like many e cig bottles, it is quite easy to use. The e liquid comes in a bottle designed to be dispensed per drop which means that your hands stay clean. You then simply drop 2-3 drops into your cartridge before using the device.

Is it cost effective?

Yes, chocolate e liquid is very cost effective. When we do our sums we can calculate that 1 Bottle of 30ml E-Liquid is about the same as 120 cartridges.

Is it strong?

You can choose how strong you want the chocolate e liquid to be, and it does come in a super high strength for heavier smokers. You should really match the nicotine level with what you’re used to. Some people like to gradually wean down their dependence on nicotine by gradually cutting back their strengths over time.


Chocolate e liquid isn’t like getting a bar of chocolate stuck at the back of your throat – it is subtle and flavoursome and great for anyone who wants to combine two favourite things in one go – the taste of chocolate and the feeling of vaping. We recommend trying chocolate e liquid if you’re a fan of the milky stuff – or even if you’re not.