Manchester Least Likely City to Quit Smoking

April 29, 2022 1 min read

Fascinating NHS data has revealed that people living in Manchester are the most likely to commit to giving up smoking and the least likely to succeed.

The data shows that last year 21,718 people stopped smoking and only 3,764 succeeded.  The data has however been called into question by Manchester’s Stop Smoking Service which argues that the figures are not up-to-date and that the way the figures are monitored could be improved.

If the figures arecorrect, they indicate that less than one in five are successful in their bid to quit nicotine.

The data which was published by The Health and Social Care Information Centre also showed a decrease in the number of people using NHS stop smoking services; the drop in users was reported to be as much as a fifth of those expected.

On a national level however the success rate is still reasonably good with half of those people who attempt to give up smoking being successful.

Anti-smoking charities have pointed the finger at E cigarettes when it comes to trying to explain the drop in use of the NHS’ stop smoking services…and data from current research is indicating that people who use E cigarettes are more successful than those who use patches or gum which are both provided by the NHS for people who commit to stop smoking.

One thing is certain and that is that the figures are in flux…something is changing and while it could be down to E cigarettes, with research still ongoing it’s something only time will tell for certain.