McDonalds Marketing Goes Up In Smoke

April 29, 2022 1 min read

McDonalds Marketing Billboard Fail 

If there was ever an unfortunate pairing on advertising billboards then the most recent award must go to the McRib burger which is advertised next to one of the NHS's latest anti smoking campaign posters.

Social Media Awash With Tweets About The Marketing Disaster

You might be thinking what can be so bad about this, until you get a look at it and realise that they kind of look the same. On twitter one user wrote:

"Saw two ad posers next to each other. One for smoking rotting your insides. The other a mcrib. They looked scarily similar"

Whilst another tweeted:

"I can't help but think the Stop Smoking billboard campaigns just looks like the "Here's how your McRib will really look" campaign

With McDonalds already coming under fire in recent years due to customers commenting that their food looking nothing like their appetising posters this latest marketing fail will only add fuel to the fire.

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McRib and anti-smoking billboards in case of unfortunate juxtaposition