New Surgeon General - Electronic Cigarettes Should Be Embraced

April 29, 2022 1 min read

Dr Vivek Murthy,  the new Surgeon General, said health officials are "in desperate need of clarity" on electronic cigarettes in order to help guide policies. We went on to say that the technology should be embraced if the evidence shows that e cigs do actually help people to quit.

Misleading E Cig Reports

There have been some false reports, or should I say misleading reports, that have made their way to the media recently with the most recent being a reportform the New England Journal of Medicine called "Hidden Formaldehyde in  E-Cigarette Aerosols".

This compared the differences when 2 varying voltage settings were used whist using the electronic cigarette. First they tested a tank system at a regular usage of 3.3V and detected no formaldehyde - a known carcinogen. However next they went on to test the tank system at a unrealistic high temperature of 5.0V which then revealed high formaldehyde concentrations.

The stupid thing to note is that although this sounds a bit scary to someone un-knowledgeable about e cigs, NOBODY would ever use an electronic cigarette at that voltage. Doing so would be so noxious and irritating to the vapers airway that it would never be inhaled.

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