One Person Switching To Vaping Every Four Minutes

April 29, 2022 3 min read

Despite the popularity of vaping, the act continues to be a controversial topic that is clouded in rumours and myths. This article has been put together as a means of approaching these myths and eliminating the bogus theories about vaping. By laying down the facts of vaping, we can help millions of potential vapers quit smoking and lead a less damaging tobacco-free life.

As is stated, vaping is an act growing in popularity with a dramatic increase in the UK as compared to any other location across Europe. Statistics have shown that approximately 2.2 million British vapers will utilize electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes. This statistic rounds out to 4.2% of the overall UK population, which is 1.1% higher than the vaping community in France - the country with the second highest ration of vapers.

The vaping community is growing every day with the increased availability of the vape pen across the United Kingdom. Research shows that these instruments are now available in almost all commuting locations; as well as being accessible in cafes and restaurants. The e-cigarette starter kits, such as the BO One starter kit or Innokin T18e kit, are making the transition simpler and easier to complete. Furthermore, the elimination of tobacco scent in public places is a strong incentive to enter the vaping arena.

With one smoker transitioning to vaping every four minutes, the question remains as to why e-cigarettes are considered a gateway tool to nicotine addiction. The research does not support this statement and it is time to debunk the false theory.

Vape Pens Help Nicotine Smokers Break Their Addiction

The gateway theory proposes that vaping is a form for teenagers to begin smoking and enter the world of smoking addiction, but not vaping addiction rather tobacco smoking addiction. This theory is one proposed every few months, but debunked just as regularly. The statistics do not support the theory and, in 2016, research by the Public Health England Association discovered that nearly all e-cigarette users in the UK are current or former tobacco smokers.

One of the greatest benefits to using a vape pen over tobacco cigarettes is that it is allows for a regulated pace of nicotine reduction. This removes the "withdrawal" phase and allows you to quit while maintaining the hand to mouth habit. Until you locate the ideal brand for your preference, a good place to begin would be a starter kit like Kangertech. You do not want to mess around with e-liquid if you do not have an understanding of the vaping technique or devices.

Vaping Can Lead To Cleaner Lungs

Statistics indicate that only 15% of the general population think that vaping is a healthier option than smoking. This is in harsh contrast to medical professionals who have evidence indicating that vaping is, in fact, at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

Cancer Research UK discovered in a study that after only six months, the ex-smokers who switched to vape pens showed a considerably lower level of toxic chemicals and carcinogens in their bodies as compared to individuals who still smoked tobacco cigarettes. This study showed that reducing the toxins in one's body requires more than merely reducing the number of cigarettes smoked, but rather a full change in the level of exposure to toxic chemicals in cigarettes.

Vaping Is Better For Your Budget, Your Body, And The Environment

Not only can electronic cigarettes improve your physical health, but they are more beneficial for the health of the environment and animals living beside us. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA, have approved the use of e-cigarettes when campaigning for ethical treatment of animals in testing tobacco products. The focuses of these campaigns, which have been performed for decades, are mainly beagles and mice.

What the majority of smokers do not realise is that smoking tobacco damages more than your body and the animals during testing; the cigarettes can contribute to deforestation and the destruction of the environment. If the health of your own body is not enough of an incentive to promote the switch from tobacco smoking to vaping, then you may be willing to transition for the health of the planet and animals.