Simply eLiquid: The Hottest Products in the UK

April 29, 2022 3 min read

picture of a Smok ecigarette

While the electronic cigarette has been around for a while, it has been rapidly increasing in growth within the past few years. This means the market is expanding, and we're providing the highest of quality e cig products within the UK.

Our e cigarette products provide vapour with a massive amount of taste as well as usability. Our products are extremely easy to use, refill and more.

What are the Benefits of an E-cig?

E cigs provide you a vast amount of flavour while being able to smoke around others without harming them or yourself. The reason why electronic cigarettes are so much better for you is because they do not contain tobacco, they only contain nicotine vapour.

E cigarettes allow you to refill by using cartridges that you purchase when you are done with one. This will allow you to have hundreds to thousands of dollars per year by choosing this over real cartons and packages of cigarettes.

These also allow you to wean off of real cigarettes. They do so by letting you have the nicotine in certain doses without any tobacco at all. When you purchase an e-cigarette, you can change the intensity of each hit with a turn of a dial. This will allow you to take more or less when you wean off of it.

You can also customise some flavours as well. Before diving into the artificial cigarette and vapour world, there are starter kits for you to try.

What Does a Starter Kit Consist Of?

Starter kits usually consist of a cartridge, the e-cig as well as some flavours. While recharging is free, cartridges for these flavours are what you need to replace when done. Replacing these are much cheaper than constantly buying a new pack as these cartridges are inexpensive and you already own the artificial cigarette.

Instead of dreading switching to an electronic cigarette, think of all the benefits. You are becoming a healthier you while being trendy and saving money, as well as the environment. Your friends at home or the bar won't want to move away from you while you're smoking and you can help create cleaner air as well as remove that nasty cigarette stench from your clothes by going for e-cigs.

Benefits of Using E Cigarettes

• Electronic cigarettes do not have a stench
• Much cheaper compared to normal or even the cheapest cigarettes
• Safer to the environment, you and everyone around you
• Less of a chance to receive lung cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems
• Less of a chance of setting your house on fire
• No extra taxes like normal cigarettes
• Artificial cigarettes have no smell or a type of fruity smell depending on the type of vapour you purchase
When you stop smoking real cigarettes, as weeks go by, your taste buds and nose senses come back and you surprisingly start tasting real food again. This isn't something that most companies talk about, but in just months, you can have lungs like a young non-smoker again. E cigs truly transform your lifestyle while pleasing you with nicotine.

If you're ready to become a healthier you, then you should choose an artificial electronic cigarette. There aren't any cons to this product as you're still able to have your nicotine but without the tar and toxic chemicals within a real cigarette. You can smell nice again as well as being able to use your nose and taste buds properly when they heal.

You won't ever have to worry about your kids receiving dangerous second hand smoke as you can completely diminish this by choosing an artificial cigarette with a vapour flavour to your liking. This is a complete win-win situation as you save money, your health as well as take your mind of real cigarettes with the delicious artificial cigarette.