Six Thoughts That Can Make Quitting Smoking Tough

April 29, 2022 2 min read

If you're trying to quit smoking, it can be very difficult to kick the habit. There are many thoughts that you may have which will make the journey of quitting even more difficult for you. Just some of these are listed below;

Now And Again Isn't That Bad!

A cigarette every now and again will not hurt you. You may think that you can cut down on your smoking habit considerably, but just have the odd cigarette every now and again. However, this is even more harmful for you because it means that you never really wean your body off the addictive drug of nicotine. If you're going to quit, you need to quit completely.

Its Who I Am...

Smoking has made you who you are today. Sometimes, smoking becomes such a part of your life that you believe it is what contributes towards your personality. Just think of how free you will feel when you are off nicotine and realise that smoking is not a part of who you are, but actually just an inconvenience.

Cigarettes Help Me Deal With Stress

Stress is better coped with, with a cigarette. Many people need cigarettes to get them through stressful situations, but did you know that nicotine actually contributes towards stress levels?

I Enjoy The Taste

Cigarettes taste really good and you do not know how you will cope without the familiar taste. Cigarettes do have a recognisable taste, but this taste has been tainted with the addictive chemicals inside a cigarette, which make you feel like you need a cigarette when actually you don't. In fact, you will find your taste buds improve a lot and you will enjoy other things in life, such as different foods and drinks, instead of cigarettes.

I Am Young And Healthy

Youth is on my side, so it doesn't hurt me having a cigarette. Even though you may be young, cigarettes will still harm you and can age your body dramatically. You need to stop whilst you are young in order to reverse the damages of smoking.

It Isn't That Expensive

It doesn't cost me that much. You may think that a packet of cigarettes here and there doesn't cost you a lot of money, but in the long run it can really add up. In fact, for an average smoker you may spend around £1000 a year on your habit. This could go towards a holiday, new car and many other nice things. Think before you buy your next packet of cigarettes what the cost of smoking really is.