The Different Benefits And Drawbacks Of Dripping E-Liquid

April 29, 2022 3 min read

man with eliquid bottle

The Definition Of Dripping

As the vaping industry is seeing an evolution of its market with new devices, delivery systems and e-liquids being introduced on a nearly daily basis, it is important that vaper's are aware of how to effectively use their devices. The experienced vaper will more than likely understand the method of dripping - a technique where the e-liquid is dripped onto the atomizer's coil instead of using a tank. This popular technique is most effective when using lower coil resistance and is beneficial because it allows for increased airflow through the device; therefore, allowing an increase production of vapor volume with flavor concentration.

Despite experienced vapers considering the technique of dripping to be the "prime vaping technique", one must question the validity of their claims. This article will approach this validity by exploring the different benefits and drawbacks of dripping eliquid.

The Different Drawbacks Of Dripping

Take a moment to consider the last time you witnessed a novice vaper attempting to drip their e-liquid. This is a rare scenario as dripping is typically used by experienced vapers and this is due to the fact that dripping is complex technique required knowledge of the skill to operate the setup. It is essential that the person have a thorough understanding of Ohm's law, voltage, amps, watts, wires, the caliber of wicks and how all these elements apply to vaping. If misinformed or misunderstood, dripping can be a dangerous vaping technique.

As with all vaping devices, to sustain optimal performance it is necessary to perform regular maintenance to the device. When using the dripping technique it is important to take several considerations into account. For beginners, it is recommended that you use the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer or RDA. The majority of retail shops will offer a mixture of authentic and clone RDAs ranging in cost from £20 to £100.

For the RDA to function correctly, it is necessary to use the correct materials and install the coils independently. Constructing a coil requires resistance wire, drill bits or screw drivers to wrap the coils around; as well as wicking materials, tweezers, pliers and, in certain cases, a power drill. The majority of drippers will also require an Ohm reader to review the coil resistance after assembly.

When comparing an RDA to a traditional tank atomizer where you can purchase store-bought, pre-assembled coil with some e-liquid, dripping is a far more costly and complex procedure. The initial cost of the dripping coil can be in the range of £100; furthermore, there will be the expense for cleaning, rebuilding and maintenance of the system to enjoy vaping benefits. It is important to remember that this figure does not include e-liquid, a battery or a charger.

While the drawbacks, particularly the financial drawbacks, may make you consider avoiding dripping it should be noted that there are several benefits to dripping.

The Different Benefits Of Dripping

Vaping is one of the most customisation means of "smoking" offering a plethora of options to modify, mix and match the device based on personal preference. Unless you are an indecisive individual, the ability to develop a personalized vaping system is considered one of the greatest benefits. The majority of people who engage in vaping will agree that flavor is one of the primary reasons why they vape and hand-built coils provide a greater surface area for the e-liquid to vaporize; therefore allowing more power from the device to enhance the liquid's flavor.

Final Words On The Matter

All electronic cigarette users have a preference regarding flavor in vaping and as long as you are content with this then you can be happy with your experience. If, however, you are interested in exploring more customisation hits, do not allow the drawbacks discussed to prevent you from trying out the dripping technique. If you do attempt dripping, it is essential that you are informed and with time you will discover which method is best for your preferences and needs.