The Electronic Cigarette Gateway Myth

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Since electronic cigarettes first began to garner attention as they began to rise in popularity, there have been a small number of public accusations regarding their use being an introduction into nicotine use which young people might fall prey to without realising that they weren't a healthy choice.

Gateway Myth Busted

The fact that e cigarettes are an attractive “gadget” for young people who might be attracted by the candy and fruit flavours seems to be at the head of most of these accusations but when we look at the simple facts, it is quite obvious that the worries are unfounded.

  • Most younger users of e cigarettes prefer to use tobacco flavoured e liquids…which suggests that they were already smoking cigarettes before turning to e cigarettes. Also, only 2% of younger vapers use fruit or sweet flavoured liquids.
  • The numbers of young smokers have been diminishing…not growing…steadily for the past 50 years.
  • Young non-smokers are highly unlikely to invest in a start-up kit with its relatively high price simply to satisfy their curiosity.
Respected Physician Rubbishes Claims

Respected physician Michael B Siegel is a professor at Boston’s University’s School of Public Health and he has 25 years of experience in the control of tobacco and he states that there is no evidence to suggest that people who use e cigarettes are more at risk of becoming addicted to smoking traditional cigarettes. His article for The Wall Street Journal debunked the idea that people…especially young people, were at any risk from using e cigarettes and instead maintains that they are an excellent solution for people who are struggling to give up nicotine with enormous potential for the future health of the nation.

When we consider the facts surrounding the Gateway Myth, the figures speak for themselves…more people who successfully give up smoking are using e cigarettes as an aid than those using other aids such as patches or gum and the fact that smoking amongst young people is diminishing rather than growing, we don’t need to question the enormous potential offered by electronic cigarettes.