The Underhanded Tactics That Make Smoking Even More Deadly

April 29, 2022 2 min read


The Slow Change That Has Made Smoking Even More Deadly

We all know that smoking is addictive right? Of course we do…just as we know it’s an incredibly dangerous habit which causes more unnecessary deaths than any other factor in the world. However, did you know that manufacturers have slowly changed the way that they make cigarettes in an effort to make them moreaddictive than ever? Well they have done just that…and not only that but they’ve changed the way that cigarettes are made to ensure that they are easier to smoke.

Easier To Smoke

How can a cigarette be “easier” to smoke? Simple…manufacturers have altered the contents of cigarettes so that the smoke isn’t so “rough” to inhale and they’ve even added subtle flavours so that they’re not so bitter to taste. It seems incredible that as we understand even more about the dangers of smoking than ever before, manufacturers are taking steps to tighten their hold on those who are addicted.

Study Uncovers New Information

The information has come to light following a study by the charity Kids Against Smoking which looked at scientific studies, tobacco industry documents and The Surgeon General’s report. The study found that today’s smokers have a much higher risk of lung cancer as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease than smokers in 1964 did…even if they smoke fewer cigarettes.

A breakdown of the changes made to cigarettes outlines just how serious the situation is.


  • Bronchodilators:This is essentially the addition of chemicals to the cigarettes which make the lungs expand meaning tobacco passes into the lungs more easily.
  • Flavourings: Flavourings such as liquorice and chocolate are added to make smoking more palatable. This is especially risky when it comes to children smoking.
  • Ammonia Compounds: Ammonia compounds increase the speed in which smokers get a “hit”.
  • Levulinic Acid:Organic acid salts are added to reduce the harshness of the nicotine and to make the smoke less irritating.
  • Added sugars and Acetaldhyde:Sugars are added to the product which then forms Acetaldhyde which in turn makes the nicotine even more addictive.
  • Filters are ventilated:Small perforations are added to the filters which compel smokers to inhale more deeply. This causes carcinogens to reach even deeper.

This information is shocking to some but shows the deliberate actions of the tobacco companies in attempting to continue their hold over those who are already addicted. Although nicotine addiction is extremely powerful, it isbeatable and with the advent of E-Cigarettes there is even more hope for those who would like to break free.