The Worst Places in the World to Vape

April 29, 2022 2 min read

We have talked before about how you need to take care when travelling abroad as a vaper. There is no global policy on vaping and some countries are very strict on their bans, to the point that those found with vape equipment in their possession even on holiday could be put in jail. So here is a quick heads up to some other places you definitely do not want to visit with your vaping gear in tow. We totally get that it is a habit and not something you want to go without for a week, but seriously, any of these places and there is a simple answer. Leave it at home or go somewhere else!


The whole of the United Arab Emirates is pretty against vaping but Dubai seems to be one of the most active and vicious when it comes to trapping holidaymakers who might accidentally stumble into the country without realising vaping is a distinct no-no. There have even been cases of travellers having a layover in Dubai and getting their kit confiscated even though they are not staying and have not left the smoking lounge in Dubai Airport. There does seem to be some lack of consistency though as other travellers report being able to vape whilst within the smoking lounge. Out in the streets and hotels, the punishment has been reported to be much worse so the simple answer is to avoid.

Hong Kong

Ah, the irony! Hong Kong as you are probably aware is part of China where each year millions of vaping products are manufactured and shipped all over the world. But, within the country, it is actually illegal to use such devices, despite the fact they are actually credited with inventing the whole concept! This is one country that uses jail as punishment and you could be thrown in the slammer for up to two years and receive massive fines if you are found with vaping equipment in your possession.  


Again, if you look at the advice for vaping in Singapore you would discover that it is illegal to own e-cigarettes, buy them or vape anywhere. They do only punish these crimes with a $2,000 fine but there is more to the story. If you happen to purchase vaping devices and have them sent to an address in Singapore you can be fined $10,000 and potentially sent to prison for 6-months; if they catch you doing this twice the fine doubles and so does the term of the jail sentence. So, rather than try and argue your way out of a paper bag and lose it is best to avoid vaping, carrying any vape equipment or shipping vaping goods to Singapore.

Qatar Airways

A slight side note, but it is also worth remembering that vaping is pretty much banned on every flight. Now, in many cases, you will just be told off and your vape may be confiscated until you land but one airline you do not want to mess with is Qatar. They have placed people in prison for 24-hours and banned them from ever flying with the airline again even when they had connecting flights in place.