Tips on How Vapers Can Save Money

April 29, 2022 2 min read

A great way of saving money is by switching to vaping, look over our savings comparison chart to have a better idea of how you could save up to £2000 on a yearly basis by using Simple eLiquid products. Keep in mind however that as your wish list expands a bit too much and the postman is delivering your new vaping goodies far too often, those savings may begin diminishing.

To help you be able to enjoy vaping while keeping you bank from breaking, we are going to share with you today a few ways in which you can have a budget friendly e-cigarette experience.

Switching Can Help You Save

For starters, you are already saving money by switching to vaping. As mentioned above, depending on your past or present habits, it is very possible to save as much as £2000 on a yearly basis.

There is An Actual App For That

Previously this year we blogged about the vaping apps that were our favorites, adding these into your daily life can mean great savings. You can keep your budget under control with a spending log, you can track how much you have saved with a savings calculators and there are also apps that let you know when there are discounts and sales, this way you are always shopping when there are bargains.

Take Care if the Batteries

All of us want equipment that performs well and lasts long, it is important to make sure that the batteries are in great shape so that there is no need for frequent replacements. Removing the battery when filling the tank with e-liquid is one of the most important tips for battery care, if the tank is accidentally overfilled, any stray drops of e-liquid that were to leak onto the battery could be detrimental and affect the lifespan of your battery by shortening it.

Look For The Sales

Throughout the year, we enjoy treating our customers to sales, it is important to keep an eye on the products you are interested in that can be found on our website and when there is an offer, quickly snap them up. If you find your preferred e-liquid on sale, why not take advantage of our 3 e-liquids for £20, which can be added to your stash, this way you do not get caught short. Purchasing your e-liquids in bulk is another cost effective option so consider purchasing sample packs as opposed to individual bottles if it turns out to be cheaper.

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