UK's Best Vaping Cafés

April 29, 2022 2 min read

picture of inside a vaping shop

As much as vaping has become a mainstay culture phenomenon, few cafés, pubs, and restaurants allow vaping in their premises. Thus, if you are looking to enjoy a memorable vaping experience over a cup of tea with friends, chances are that you will find it difficult to find an establishment.

This is not to mean that you cannot experience vaping whilst dining in the UK, however. You just have to know where to head to. Herein are some of UK's best vaping cafés for your choosing.

KrayzeeVape In Enfield (London)

KrayzeeVape induces a sense of community to your vaping experience. The establishment has some of the most helpful staff that you will find anywhere. Thus, if you are new to vaping, this is the place to go to, especially when you are looking to take the vaping experience to the next level. They also offer fantastic food and amazing milkshakes, for a truly unique vaping and dining experience.

Shake 'n' Vape In Warrington

One of the best things about this café is that is the quality of food they serve. Being an American-style diner, the café serves some of America's best dishes including tantalizing, hot-dogs, hearty subs, and sumptuous milkshakes. Thus aside from providing a great ambiance to enjoy vaping, you also get to enjoy great food. Also, head to Shake 'n' Vape on your birthday for their special birthday discounts.

Steam Tea And Vape IN Nottingham

If you are looking to enjoy a cup of tea whilst vaping, Steam Tea And Vape is your best bet. The café serves over 50 different loose leaf teas, providing something to quench your thirst whilst vaping with friends.

Parlour Vapes In Manchester

Hidden within the city centre, Parlour Vapes is a great place to enjoy vaping and premium coffee and tea. With its relaxing atmosphere and a great cuppa, you sure will enjoy vaping in this café.

There are numerous other vaping shops in the UK. If you think your favourite vaping shop deserves to be on this list, tell us via Twitter and Facebook.