Vaping And The Holiday season

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Are You Thinking of Going on Holiday Soon?

Now that travel restrictions are starting to ease, millions of Brits are packing up and heading off in search of the sun. Too much time has passed and we are all fed up with being locked down, but before you leave there are lots to think about, especially what you were going to do with your vape.

Put it in Your Suitcase?

No, we are not being flippant here, the fact is across the world there are many different rules and regulations about vaping. So you can't just assume you can take your vape with you as in some countries it could actually, genuinely, see you be arrested. So, before you leave, do your research and see what the legal standpoint is on vaping in the country you are going to visit. Taking a piece of kit into a country where vaping is frowned upon will vary in sanction. In some countries, they may just slap you on the wrist and confiscate your kit but other times it can be a lot worse so please, do take this seriously. It might make a talking point for your friends when you get home but being arrested and potentially jailed in a foreign country is terrifying and not something anyone wants to experience.

Pack With Care 

We totally understand that if you are using vapes with a nicotine content leaving them at home it's not going to be easy. But again you should consider the issue of respect in the country of which you are visiting and potentially take some kit that is maybe smaller and more discreet than what you would normally use at home. It might mean you can't take your favourite vape but as long as you can still get that cloud chasing hit you will cope for the duration of the holiday.

Your next consideration is the airline on which you were travelling. Again there is no universal rule, each airline has its own legislation on how you can safely carry vaping equipment onto their planes. Remember that e-liquid is not solid and in many cases, liquids are banned, so be sure you check out the airline policy. Some of them will require you to put all of your vaping kits into a clear plastic bag, others will allow you to bring only the vape onto the plane in your hand luggage and all liquids must be stored in your main luggage in the hold.

As you can see, it is a bit of a minefield so well worth doing your research. If you are going to a vape friendly country it may be worth leaving all your e-liquids at home and finding something when you get there. you will possibly find things on sale at the airport if not the hotel or accommodation you're staying at should be able to point you in the right direction. overall, in order to ensure that something minor like your vaping does not spoil your holiday this year just do a bit of research in advance.