Vaping Flavour Alteration

April 29, 2022 2 min read

There’s no doubt about it, one of the biggest attractions of vaping is that it offers a different dimension in terms of the flavour experience. It has been noted that unlike traditional smokers, vapers are far more likely to experiment with flavour and to try out different versions on a regular basis.

Smokers find “their” brand, stick to that and tend to be uncomfortable about new brands in general. Vapers have a much wider choice in terms of flavour and because vaping is so different to smoking, it’s easy to give new flavours a try and see what you think. We can classify vapers into  4 “types”;

  • 1: The Traditionalist-Very similar to a smoker and tends to stick to their flavour religiously-this is a rare type.
  • 2: The Switcher-A person who isn’t afraid to mix it up and try a new flavour on a weekly basis.
  • 3: The Adventurist- The most daring vaper of all changing flavours on a daily basis.
  • 4: The Explorer- Someone who is almost skittish in their vaping habits and changes their flavour hourly throughout the day.

There is no right or wrong with vaping and indeed part of the joy of it is the freedom to discover new flavours and to experience a wide range of flavours. Because vaping is relatively affordable it’s much easier to experiment and to enjoy the luxury of tailoring your flavours to your mood. Some people like a fresher flavour early on in the day, perhaps a mint or menthol flavour for instance whilst once the evening draws in and they want to relax they may choose a more traditional tobacco flavoured E Liquid.

Changing Tastes

As you begin to break your addiction to tobacco and your taste buds and sense of smell recover, you may find that your tastes change and your senses become more finely tuned. Smoking cigarettes is known to reduce the senses of taste and smell so you might be surprised to discover that you begin to enjoy flavours which you had never before considered.

Vaping opens up a whole new sensory world…it’s not only better for your health but you will begin to find that experimenting with flavours will help you to break the addiction and make the experience more enjoyable than ever.

Many ex smokers start to vape and begin a search for an E Liquid which tastes exactlylike their brand of cigarettes and indeed there are some very well reviewed tobacco flavours out there to help you in your transition; however, once you become accustomed to vaping don’t be surprised when you begin to crave a nice fresh watermelon flavour or even a coffee! Your vaping habits will change more fluidly than your smoking habits ever could…and this is part of why vaping is such a freeing experience.

Try as many flavours as you can and you’ll begin to learn your preferences and you’ll soon find that a cigarette is the last thing you crave!