Want To Quit Smoking? Have You Tried Having A Heart Attack Or Getting Pregnant?

April 29, 2022 5 min read


IMPORTANT: I feel it necessary to quickly point out that Simply E Liquid does not condone or advise you to try and have a heart attack or get yourself pregnant in an attempt to quit smoking. This was written after coming across this quit smoking article that actually advised people to try some of the following quit smoking methods..

Quit Smoking Tips You Probably Haven’t Tried.

Listen I understand, you have been trying to quit smoking for years to no avail. You have tried going cold turkey which practically turned you into something resembling a character from the Walking Dead, not a pretty sight I know. You have also tried the nicotine patches and gum but these only solved half of the problem, yes they may provide the nicotine hit you so desperately require but they lack the actual physical aspect of smoking. Hypnosis turned you into a walking, clucking chicken and when you made a list of reasons to quit you found the pro list heavily outweighed the reasons to quit, great! Basically you are a hopeless individual who has no hope of every quitting, your life will be forever controlled by your need to smoke and there is nothing you can do...or is there? Maybe, just maybe you have a couple or so options left that you would have never thought of before that are dead certain to make you put down that white stick for good. Why has your doctor never told you about these methods before you ask? Maybe it’s a conspiracy, they don’t want you to quit, maybe everyone and everything is controlled by the big tobacco companies?

So what are these quit smoking methods that are guaranteed to make you put down the cigarettes once and for all? Well according to the article mentioned abovethese are some "creative and crazy" ways to help you quit.


Have A Heart Attack

This is pure genius; seriously this is quit smoking gold.  Right so all you have to do is instead of trying to limit the amount you smoke increase it, go crazy and show your heart whose boss. Statistically smokers are twice as likely to have a heart attack than someone who doesn’t smoke so the odds are on your side. Why not make it into a competition and gather all your smoking friends and place bets on who can have a heart attack first. Well you might as well be trying to make some money why you are at it right?

Our Response:

This really is not a clever idea so please do not try this. A heart attack is very serious and can lead to some very serious health implications. Below are  4 examples of why smoking can lead to a heart attack:

  1. Smoking damages the lining of your arteries which can cause a build up of a fatty material called atheroma which clogs up the arteries.
  2. While you smoke a build up of carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen that can be carried by your red blood cells. This can cause the heart to strain as the lack of oxygen that can be carried means the heart as to work in overdrive in order to compensate.
  3.  The drug nicotine causes your body to produce levels of adrenaline which we all know causes your heart to beat faster causing your blood pressure to increase.
  4. Smoking makes you more susceptible to blood clots.

 The only reason that this will be guaranteed to work is because it will end up killing you therefore putting a stop to your addiction.


Get Yourself Pregnant.

If the whole trying to give yourself a heart attack isn't working out so well for you, you can resort to plan B, or as we like to call it Plan Baby. We would first like to point out that for this to work you need to be female in gender, we will not be held responsible for any males that try this approach and complain that this amazing tip is useless.  So guys once again this will not work for you...you have been warned!!!

Firstly find yourself a nice fertile man and well, you know what comes next. Wait for that special day to come when you see two blue lines on that pregnancy test and celebrate,  you have done the hard work and are now 50% of the way there to quitting. Once you find out you are carrying a small, innocent mini you inside you how could you possibly poison it by continuing to smoke? The guilt of harming your baby will be so strong that you will put down the cigarettes and 9 months later when your new baby arrives you will have been smoke free for so long that you will free of your addiction.

Our Response:

Wow, where do I start? How about this is a crazy idea and should never, EVER be attempted. Having a child is a very special moment in ones life and it can bring about great happiness but having a child on the sole premise as using it as a tool to help you to quit smoking should never be done.


Fill A Room With Smoke

So you don’t want to induce a heart attack on the chance you may die and you have decided that having a child to help you quit is morally and ethically wrong so what next? Well you can always fill up a room full of smoke in an attempt to provide yourself with a visualisation that smoking is gross. After waiting around for a few minutes you will find that breathing becomes more difficult resulting in you coughing quite intensely from the smoke. This should provide you with that Eureka moment when you finally understand the hardship you are putting on your lungs each and every time you smoke, therefore giving you the motivation and determination to quit.

Our Response:

The number one cause of death when people die in fires is not from the fire but from the smoke itself. Read more about the serious effects smoke inhalation can have here. Purposely filling up a room with the intent to breathe in the smoke in order to give you a revelation is dangerous and just plain stupid.

Again I feel I need to end this article by saying please do not try any of these quit smoking methods above. There a plenty of safe ways to quit smoking which can found all around the internet? If you have tried multiple methods and are still find it hard to quit have a read of one of our earlier post which list the top mistakes smokers make whilst trying to quit.