Watts With All The E Cig Wattage?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

If you’re new to the world of E Cigarettes then you might be scratching your head a little when it comes to some of the terminology. Many people find the issues surrounding wattage to be especially confusing…but it’s not! It’s a very simple concept which we will begin to explain by looking at the differences between unregulated, regulated, variable voltage and variable wattage E Cigarettes.

Unregulated E Cigarettes

So what are unregulated E Cigarettes? Well if we compare them to a torch, they’re an E Cigarette which runs off a battery which will need to be regularly changed as its performance will waver as the battery begins to fade. We’ve all seen our torch grow ever dimmer with each use haven’t we? This is exactly the same with an E Cigarette which is unregulated…from its first, strong performance it will grow less and less powerful.

Regulated E Cigarettes

A regulated e cigarette is more like the ceiling bulb in your sitting room. No matter how many times you turn it on and off, it’s performance remains the same…your regulated E Cigarette has circuitry inside it which maintains the power at an even level despite the fact that the battery will still eventually run down.

Variable Voltage E Cigarettes

These are less like a torch or a ceiling light and more like a ceiling light with a dimmer switch! Adjustable in their power usage the variable voltage E Cigarette allows the user to choose just how much power to use at one time. The battery will still wear out eventually though.

Variable Wattage E Cigarettes

These are the very latest in vaping and they’re probably the most convenient to use. They allow the user to choose which wattage they prefer to vape at…most vapers who use variable wattage know what “resistance” they like to vape at…this is to do with the “ohm” of the atomizer…once you know that then you can work out which wattage is going to provide you with the best vape by looking at how many volts you’re most comfortable with.

All of this technical stuff isn’t half as complex as it might at first appear. The main point of it is to allow vapers to work out which is their most comfortable and satisfying vape and to allow them to adjust their equipment to suit themselves perfectly. Search online and find some good vaping forums - there you will find some experienced vapers who are sure to have some good advice for you to get you going on the journey to discovering your most satisfying vaping experience. Try a few different E Cigarettes out as well as different E Juices…you’ll have far more success if you put in a little effort with regards finding the right fit.