Ways To Avoid Damaging Your Vaping Device

April 29, 2022 3 min read

picture of two ecigs

As human beings, it is in our DNA that we take the thing that we own as granted. Whenever we buy a new product, we’re excited in the beginning and we take full care of it and as the time passes by, our enthusiasm drops and we start to neglect the basic maintenance needs of our beloved belonging. Same is the case with vaping devices and there will already be some bad experiences in the past that you’d want to avoid in the future. Below are some tips that can help extend the life of your vaping device.

Prolong The Battery Life

Every time a vaper buys a new device, there is this hope that maybe it will last longer than the previous one – yes, we’ve been there too. It happens to every vaping enthusiast. Batteries are the most commonly replaced part of a vaping device. And the only thing that we can do is pay a little attention to its optimum working condition to prolong its life.

The best thing to do for a start is to always go for the batteries and chargers that are manufactured by trusted brands. The ampere charging rate of a charger should also not exceed the one mentioned on the battery. And the most common mistake that should be avoided at all costs is trying not to overcharge the battery – whenever your battery gets fully charged, disconnect it from the charger. If you have extra batteries or the time you’re not using your vaping device, the batteries should be stored in a cool and dry place – also try to use each one once a week.

Avoid Vaping Like a Psycho

This is another major problem that destroys the vaping devices – not being careful about the vaping technique. Always remember, like another electronic device, misusing your electronic cigarette will also cause its destruction. If the duration between each puff is short and fast then the coils are damaged. Chain vaping also causes the same problem. So, it is important to give your device a little bit of a break between each puff. Your vaping experience will also enhance by doing so and you will also be avoiding dry hits and vaper’s tongue.

Water Is The Death Sentence For Your Vaping Device

I bet you already know but still let us clear that the ‘e’ in an e-cig stands for electronic which means like any other electronic device, exposing your e-cig to water and moisture will result in an instant death – your device will commit suicide and there is no other way around about that. For cleaning purposes, always use a dry cotton swab or some other material of a similar kind – to wipe out what needs to be cleaned. You also don’t want to get your device dusty and dirty.

Properly Cleaning Your Device

Like any other household equipment, your vaping devices also need as much care and attention when it comes to cleaning them. You walk around with these devices all day long and it is a given that you would not want it to be dirty and filthy. So wipe clean all of that dried out e-liquid on the sides of your cartomizer or tank which layers up to become a wall of filth. Your device will be thankful for even this much attention.