Why Does Everyone Love Fruit E-Liquid?

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Fruit e liquids seem to be the new thing – but what is all the fuss about? Many people claim to like fruit e liquids because it provides the user with a new kind of vaping experience.

We already know that vaping is a lot different to traditional cigarettes. Despite still getting a “hit” from an e cig, vaping is different as you can choose the nicotine strength and flavour. Fruit seems to be one of the most raved about flavours of the moment - so here we investigate.

What fruit flavours are there?

One of the most popular is apple, but you can also purchase peach, orange, strawberry, blueberry, banana and others. You can also DIY your e-liquid flavours to mix a few up. Orange and Banana for example, or maybe you want to sneak in some chocolate e liquid flavours and try out chocolate orange?

How do you use it?

Fruit e liquids come in an easy to use bottle which is ideal to carry around as it can be popped in your bag . The e liquid is dispensed per drop. This means your hands stay clean and you don’t actually have to touch the liquid. You drop 2 or 3 drops into your cartridge in the e cig and then use the device – easy as that.

How strong are fruit e liquids?

Fruit e liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths, from zero to super high. You would only use super high if you were a very heavy and dependent smoker.

One thing to note here – don’t think the nicotine levels won’t deliver and choose a strength higher up to your usual dose. They really do give you that strength of nicotine and you don’t want to overdose. You might feel sick or lightheaded if you do so it is important that you get the strength right.

What does it taste like?

We think the fruit flavours are crisp tasting, and very flavoursome. If you don’t like a certain fruit we would advise trying it anyway because it can taste a lot different to what you are used to. However there are so many varieties that you really are spoilt for choice!

How much does the fruit e liquid cost?

The price is actually very cost effective. 1 Bottle of 30ml E-Liquid about the same as 120 cartridges.


Try out the fruit flavours – we love apple. You won’t be disappointed!