Winter Vaping Tips

April 29, 2022 3 min read

It is easy to understand that the winter months will be very harsh, regardless of your hobbies or lifestyle, with weather that is cold and wet making you long for spring. What can you do about the impact of the winter weather on vaping? Are there certain steps that you should be taking when the temps start to dip down to ensure that your e-cigs are in perfect working order?

These are some top vaping tips for wintertime:

Will E-Liquid Freeze?

One question that you may have regarding e-cigarettes is whether or not the liquid on the inside can freeze once the temperatures drop down. While it can freeze, the good news is that it will have a lower freezing point than water, so the frozen puddles that you are seeing outside will not necessarily mean that you will have frozen e-liquid. Water will freeze when it gets to zero degrees Celsius, and the two main components of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that are in e-liquid, will freeze when they get to -12 and -17 degrees respectively.

It has to be very cold for your e-liquid to freeze, but this may vary all depending on the mixture of the ingredients that you have with each flavor. Something to keep in mind is that while the e-liquid may not freeze, it could get a bit thicker when it is cold. You should pay extra attention to the clearomiser during the winter months to make sure it keeps performing its best.

Protecting Your E-Cig

Whenever winter comes, you have to take care of your bike, car, motorbike and more. It only makes sense that same will apply to your e-cigarette. One issue that could arise is the colder weather impacting the battery life temporarily, which can reduce capacity. It is going to be important that you keep the battery warm in one of your inside pockets to help keep the cold from getting to it, or just keeping it somewhere where it will not be exposed to drastic temperatures for a long period of time.

Keeping Warm

It is not just going to be your e-cig that you need to keep warm. When you stand outside to vape in the winter months, it will be a clear difference from doing the same during summer. You will need to be sure that you are bundled up to be nice and arm. This is the advice all of our mothers give to us, and it is still good advice to take. gloves will be very beneficial, especially when the wind is blowing and bitingly cold to your hands. You are are somewhere that will allow vaping indoors, you should always think about taking advantage of this opportunity.

Care For Your Lips

Winter cold can be tough on your lips, especially when they become chapped. This is usually the time you would expect anyone to use lip balm. But, when it comes to vaping in the wintertime, both women and men should think about using lip balm to protect and moisturize their lips, keeping them free from peeling and flakes. Neglecting lip care in the winter can lead to a great deal of discomfort while vaping.

Of course, most of what you will need to do during the winter will be common sense for both you and your e-cig. If you have any problems or concerns with vaping in the winter, please feel free to contact our customer service team.