Your Deliveries, Our Services and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

April 29, 2022 2 min read

The coronavirus has been a massive issue recently, and a lot of businesses are suffering
because they simply do not have the resources required to combat the loss of interest and

Understandably, quite a few people are concerned about whether this will lead to the
suspension of delivery services, or whether they will simply encounter delays. What we
thought we would try and do is take a look at some of the different things you should
probably know, to make sure that you stay clued in on what’s going on.

Our Commitment
Naturally, we remain as committed to you as possible, emphasising making sure that your
deliveries are fulfilled as soon as possible. We try and operate with minimal delay to give you
a fantastic experience.

Everything that we do is for your benefit, and so we try and prepare your order as soon as
we can to make sure you have the best experience possible. We know how important it can
be for you to enjoy yourself, which is why we do everything within our power to make sure
that your goods are delivered as soon as possible.

A Warning to All
Something we want to try and warn you about, however, is that when it comes to getting the
most from your experiences, you should be aware that there are going to be circumstances
outside your control. We can’t be responsible for independent courier services or delays due
to a lack of drivers or workers.

To make sure that you can continue to get the supplies you need, you should probably order
a few days earlier than you need to. It’ll help to make sure you circumvent the potential
delays, and will get you what you need on time.