Your Guide To Vaping At Festivals

April 29, 2022 2 min read

Regardless of the weather, there a lot of people that enjoys spending the months of summer far away from their homes in search of fun and music. However, for the vapers that have plans to attend these festivals, an important question relates to whether you will be allowed to vape at these festivals.

In general you will be allowed to vape. However, this is usually only allowed if you are in an open space. The majority of the larger festivals like Bestival and Glastonbury don't have set guidelines which ban vaping. However, you will usually not be able to vape in the enclosed spaces. If you are not sure about the vaping rules at the next festival you plan to attend, it is suggested to contact the organizers of the festival to find out.

One part of these festival experiences is to survive without comforts you are typically used to when you are at home. So here are some tips we have put together on how to charge and clean your e-cigarette when attending a festival.


Many of the festivals can tend to be muddy or dusty and you need to know how to keep your e-cigarette clean. You can wipe down the device with water and a paper towel. It is advisable to check on the terminal that is positioned between the clearomizer or cartridge and battery to ensure that it stays clean. If this area becomes dirty or clogged your e-cigarette could stop working.

You should also keep the mouthpiece clean to ensure you enjoy the vape and to avoid mouthfuls of dirt or dust. This will also assist in ensuring your e-cigarette vapor is producing efficiently. Before you clean the device, it is advisable to disassemble the e-cigarette before you start cleaning, to avoid getting water into or on the battery.

You should also unscrew your clearomizer off the battery as well as the mouthpiece. The next step involves pouring water inside the clearomizer until half full. Now close the top with your thumb and shake the clearomizer for a couple of seconds before you empty out the water. Make sure you wipe down all the pieces before you reassemble the device. If taking the time to clean your e-cigarette is not on your agenda you can also buy a 2nd clearomizer and then switch them out when the first one becomes dirty.


There are a few festivals that provide hubs where you will be able to charge your e-cigarette or mobile phone. You may want to arrive early so that you don't end up wasting time in long queues. Make sure you pack extra cartridges, e-liquid and batteries to avoid running out while at the festival. Bring along your e-cigarette case so that you can store your USB cable and spare batteries.

The majority of e-cigarettes typically hold their charge for a number of hours if you charged the device fully before you leave for the day. Between uses make sure you turn the device off so that you don't run out of charge during the day.