Advanced Vape Kits FAQs

What Are Advanced Vape Kits?

Advanced vape kits – also called vape mods or box mods – are the largest and most powerful vaping products you can buy. Compared to the smaller vape starter kits marketed to beginning and intermediate vapers, vape mods offer advanced features that can help you have an even better experience if you’re an experienced vaper looking for a more capable device than what you’re currently using.

Some of the typical features of advanced vape kits include:

  • Much greater vapour production. Most advanced vape kits are sub-ohm devices, and a sub-ohm vape kit is designed to operate at higher wattages compared to a small vape pen or pod system.
  • Vastly improved battery life. Some vape mods use two battery cells and can operate all day on a full battery charge.
  • Greater control over power delivery. A vape mod almost always offers fully adjustable wattage. Some even allow you to create a custom power curve that slowly raises or lowers the device’s wattage as you hold the fire button.
  • Automatic temperature control. If you’re using a temperature control-compatible atomizer coil, your vape mod can automatically decrease its power output when the atomizer coil reaches a set temperature.


What Does an Advanced Vape Kit Include?

What you receive when you buy an advanced vape kit depends on whether you’re buying your vape mod in a “device only” configuration or as a full starter kit. If you buy a vape mod in a device only configuration, the package generally includes the vaping device along with a charging cable and an instruction manual. If you buy a full starter kit, the package will also include a compatible tank and 1-2 atomizer coils. An atomizer coil typically lasts a few days before the flavour begins to change, so it’s a good idea to add an extra box of replacement coils to your cart before checking out.

Note that an advanced vape kit doesn’t necessarily include all of the things that you need in order to begin vaping. There are two additional things that you may also need to buy before you can begin using your new vape mod.

  • Batteries: Before buying an advanced vape kit, read the product description to learn whether the device uses a built-in or removable battery. When a vape mod uses a built-in battery, the battery is already installed and ready for charging. When a mod uses a removable battery, however, the battery is not included. You’ll need to buy at least one battery in order to use your device. After installing the battery, you can charge the device by connecting it to your computer using the included USB cable.
  • E-Liquid: An advanced vape kit never includes e-liquid. If you don’t already have e-liquid, make sure to add some to your cart before checking out.


Which Advanced Vape Kit Should You Buy?

There is no single vaping device that’s perfect for all people and all situations, so it’s impossible to recommend one advanced vape kit without knowing your individual needs. However, we can provide some general guidance that might help you gain a better understanding of what vape mod will work best for you.

  • Decide whether you want a device only or a full starter kit. If you don’t already own a sub-ohm vape tank, buying a full starter kit will cost less than buying a vape mod and tank separately. If you already have a vape tank that you like, though, buying a device only may make more sense.
  • Decide whether you want a vape mod with a built-in or removable battery. A device with a built-in battery will cost less since you won’t need to buy a separate battery. However, owning a vape mod with a removable battery means that you can use one battery or pair of batteries while charging another.
  • Decide whether you want a vape mod with a single battery or two batteries. A dual-battery mod can reach higher wattages and may last longer between battery charges. However, dual-battery mods are also larger and heavier than single-battery mods.
  • Choose the form factor that appeals to you. Box mods tend to be more powerful than tube mods and often offer more advanced configuration options. Tube mods, however, are a bit sleeker and more portable than box mods while still offering more power than beginner-oriented vape pens and pod systems.


What E-Liquids Should You Use Advanced Vape Kits With?

You can’t use your advanced vape kit without e-liquid, and vape juice is one of our specialties here at Simply ELiquid. When you upgrade to a device that offers greater vapour production than what you’re currently using, you need to lower the nicotine strength of your e-liquid to compensate. Therefore, the vape juice that you’re currently using may not be appropriate for a vape mod with a sub-ohm tank.

Because today’s advanced vape kits are incredibly powerful, we recommend starting with the 3 mg/ml nicotine strength. That’s the lowest strength offered by most vape juice makers, and we think you’ll find the experience completely satisfying because of your device’s incredible cloud production. Try stepping up to the 6 mg/ml strength if you’re certain that you’re not getting enough nicotine.


Why Buy an Advanced Kit from Simply ELiquid?

We believe that you will not find a better selection of advanced vape kits in the UK than right here on this page. We’ve worked hard to assemble a wide selection of vaping devices that are certain to please vapers of all experience levels – and since we source our products only from official sources, we guarantee that you’ll never receive a fake or knockoff product from Simply ELiquid. The best part is that, since we offer free delivery on orders over £30, most of the products on this page can be delivered to your door at no additional cost.