Custard E liquid

The surge in demand for dessert flavour profiles has been one of the biggest stories in vaping over the past few years, and no dessert flavour is more popular than custard e-liquid. The reason for that quickly becomes obvious when you taste custard vape juice for the first time. Combining sweet notes of vanilla, cream and sugar with a hint of egg flavour for a touch of savoury complexity, custard can satisfy the true dessert aficionado like no other e-liquid flavour profile. Custard e-liquid is so popular, in fact, that just about all of the biggest vape juice brands have at least one custard flavour available. With a huge variety of subtle differences from one custard vape juice to the next, which one are you going to choose as your favourite?

If you haven’t tried a custard e-liquid yet and are wondering which one you should buy first, we think that Killer Kustard by Vapetasia is a good choice because it’s crafted with a flawless sense of balance that really shines through with every puff. Some custard e-liquids are extremely sweet and really play on the dessert angle of the flavour profile. Other custard vape juices are a bit creamier. Still others increase the egg flavour a bit to taste a bit more like a custard that you might eat at a restaurant. You can’t know what your preferences are until you’ve tasted a custard with flawless balance, and that’s exactly what Killer Kustard is.

If you’re looking for a different type of flavour experience, you should try Vanilla Custard by Donut King. Going to the local doughnut shop is always an indulgence, but a custard-filled doughnut is particularly over the top even in the doughnut world. There is nothing quite like taking a ball of fried dough and stuffing it with a mixture of cream, egg yolks and sugar – and if you don’t have the room in your caloric budget for the real thing, this e-liquid is a perfect substitute illustrating the magic that can happen when you create a vape juice combining custard with bakery flavours.

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