The Aspire BP60 is a new pod-based vaping system that deftly straddles the line between categories of vaping devices by offering the convenience and ease of use of a pod system along with some of the advanced capabilities of a full-sized mod. With its built-in 1,400 mAh battery, the Aspire BP60 offers an impressive power delivery of up to 60 watts while remaining as easy to use as any other refillable pod system. We predict that the Aspire BP60 will be one of the hottest products in the vaping industry over the next couple of years, and if you’ve selected it as your vaping device, we think that you’re going to be very happy.

While we always recommend reading the full included manual when you receive a new vaping device, it’s going to be hard to resist digging right in and vaping when you have a device as nice as the Aspire BP60. While you wait for an opportunity to sit down and read the full printed manual, you can think of our Aspire BP60 instruction manual as a quick-start guide that’ll help you get up and running quickly with your new device. In this guide, we’ll also explain what you can do to fix some of the problems that might arise as you use the Aspire BP60.

The Aspire BP60 costs just £25.99. If you haven’t purchased yours yet, grab it from our store before leaving!


How Does the Aspire BP60 Compare to the Aspire BP80?

You may have noticed that Aspire offers another vaping device with a similar name to the BP60 – the Aspire BP80 – that’s a little larger and costs slightly more. If you haven’t bought your next vaping device yet, it may be helpful to know how the Aspire BP60 vs. BP80 compare. As you’ve probably already guessed, the Aspire BP60 is the smaller, simpler and sleeker of the two devices. The Aspire BP80, on the other hand, is larger and is positioned more toward expert vapers.

These are the additional features you’ll get with the Aspire BP80.

  • Upgraded leather trim
  • Higher maximum power delivery of 80 watts
  • Higher battery capacity of 2,500 mAh
  • Larger airflow holes for an improved direct-to-lung vaping experience
  • Supports an additional 0.17-ohm mesh coil along with all BP60 coils

What Coils Work With the Aspire BP60?

The Aspire BP60 works with three different pre-built coils and also has a rebuildable deck available. The higher the resistance of the connected coil is, the higher the nicotine strength of your e-liquid should be. These are the three pre-built coils available for the Aspire BP60.

  • 3-ohm mesh coil (included with kit): Provides the biggest vapour clouds for direct-to-lung inhaling. Suggested power range of 30-40 watts.
  • 6-ohm dual coil (included with kit): Provides impressive cloud production for mouth-to-lung inhaling. Suggested power range of 15-25 watts.
  • 0-ohm single coil (available separately): Provides a refined mouth-to-lung experience for high-nicotine e-liquids. Suggested power range of 10-16 watts.

How to Use the Aspire BP60

It’s time to begin learning how to use your new Aspire BP60. In this section of our Aspire BP60 manual, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to get up and running with your new pod system as quickly as possible.

How to Charge the Aspire BP60

The Aspire BP60 supports 2-amp USB-C fast charging and includes the required USB-C cable. To charge the device, use the cable to connect it to your computer. While the Aspire BP60 charges, it displays a green image of a battery on the screen. When the charge cycle is complete, the screen turns off.

How to Fill the Aspire BP60 Pod

The Aspire BP60 pod attaches to the device magnetically. To fill the pod, lift it straight up to remove it from the device.

Pull the silicone filling plug on the side of the pod and add e-liquid through the filling hole until the pod is nearly full.

Replace the filling plug and drop the pod back into the Aspire BP60.


How to Replace the Aspire BP60 Coil

When you’re no longer happy with the quality of flavour that you get from the Aspire BP60, it’s time to replace the atomizer coil. The longevity of the coil will vary depending on the device’s configuration and the type of e-liquid you use. For the longest possible coil life, use unsweetened e-liquids and avoid vaping at overly high wattage levels.

To replace the coil in the Aspire BP60, remove the pod from the device and hold it with the mouthpiece facing down. Pull the coil straight up to remove it. Prepare a new coil for use by placing a little e-liquid on each of the coil’s wick openings. Push the coil into the pod. Refill the pod and give the new coil’s wick several minutes to become completely wet before you resume vaping.

How to Vape With the Aspire BP60

After you’ve charged the battery and filled the pod, you’ll start using the Aspire BP60 by pressing the fire button five times quickly to turn the device on.

Next, select your vaping mode by pressing the fire and “-“ buttons simultaneously. In AB mode, you can vape by puffing on the mouthpiece or by holding the fire button. In A mode, you can vape only by puffing, and in B mode, you can vape only by holding the fire button.

When you use the Aspire BP60, you can adjust the device’s wattage to make the vapour warmer or cooler depending on your preferences. You’ll do that by pressing the “+” and “-“ buttons. By default, the Aspire BP60 limits the operational wattage automatically to prevent you from vaping at a power level that the connected atomizer doesn’t support. If you want to remove that limit, press the “+” and “-“ buttons simultaneously to enable manual (RBA) mode. Be aware that vaping outside your atomizer coil’s suggested wattage range may shorten the coil’s life.

The dial on the side of the Aspire BP60 allows you to adjust the device’s airflow. Rotate the dial to allow more or less air to enter the device.

How to Fix Problems With the Aspire BP60

The reliability of Aspire’s vaping devices has helped to make the brand famous throughout the vaping community. You’re bound to experience an issue with any vaping device if you use it long enough, though, and we’re here to help. In this section of our Aspire BP60 instruction manual, we’ll explain how to fix the problems you might encounter while using your device.

Aspire BP60 Not Charging

If the Aspire BP60 doesn’t charge when you connect the USB-C cable, you should first check the device’s screen for a “Check USB” message. If you see that message, the voltage of the connected power source is either too low or too high. You might see that message, for instance, if you attempt to charge the Aspire BP60 with a “quick charging” adapter for a mobile phone or tablet. If you continue to experience a problem after moving the Aspire BP60 to a different power source, you should use a different USB-C cable.

Aspire BP60 Not Hitting

If you’re unable to vape with the Aspire BP60, you should first check the device’s vaping mode. Only if the device is in AB mode will both the fire button and the automatic puff-activated vaping function work. If nothing appears on the screen when you try to use the device, you should confirm that the battery is charged. Otherwise, check the screen for an error message that will tell you how to fix the issue.

  • If the error message is “Check Atomizer,” the Aspire BP60 doesn’t detect the atomizer coil. Remove and reseat the pod and coil. If you see condensation inside the device, use a paper towel or cotton swab to remove it.
  • If the error message is “Shorted,” the connected atomizer coil has a short circuit. Discard the coil and use another one.
  • If the error message is “Low Res” and you are using the RBA deck, you’ve built a coil with a resistance that the Aspire BP60 doesn’t support. You’ll need to build a new coil with a higher resistance. If you’re using a pre-built coil, you should discard the coil and use another one.
  • If the error message is “Low Battery,” you need to charge the Aspire BP60.
  • If the error message is “Too Hot,” the Aspire BP60 has overheated. Move the device to a cooler location and wait a while before you resume vaping.

Aspire BP60 Leaking or Gurgling

As you use the Aspire BP60, it’s a good idea to check under the pod for condensation periodically and remove any liquid that you find. Since the atomizer coil and airflow vents are both on the bottom of the pod, it’s likely that you’ll see a little condensation from time to time.

If the Aspire BP60 experiences a severe leak or begins to gurgle when you vape, these three tips can help you resolve the issue.

  • Use gentle air pressure when vaping. If you use too much air pressure, you’ll force excess e-liquid into the Aspire BP60’s atomizer coil and airflow chimney.
  • Don’t overfill the pod. If you add too much e-liquid when filling the pod, you’ll push e-liquid into the atomizer coil assembly when you replace the pod’s silicone plug.
  • Make sure that the gaskets wrapped around the atomizer coil aren’t stretched or damaged. The gaskets help to prevent e-liquid from leaking out of the bottom of the pod.