Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that pod vaping systems have been on the market for more than half a decade. Pod systems have been around for so long – and are so popular – that at this point, some pod system owners are on their second and third devices and have never even considered buying traditional vape mods. They don’t want traditional vape mods – they want better pod systems. The manufacturers have evolved their pod-based devices to meet those demands, and today’s pod mods are every bit as capable as traditional vape mods while offering the convenience and simple design that pod system owners love – and devices like the Aspire BP80 are leading the way.

The Aspire BP80 isn’t difficult to use by any means, but it is a bit more complex than most pod systems marketed toward beginners – so it’s a good idea to have an idea of how to use the device before you jump in. That’s where our Aspire BP80 instruction manual will help. In this guide, we’ll explain the most important aspects of using the Aspire BP80 and describe the steps that you should take if you encounter problems when using the device.

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Aspire BP80 vs. BP60

If you’re on the hunt for a new pod system and have been shopping around, you’ve surely noticed a device called the Aspire BP60 that’s similar in name and not too far in price from the Aspire BP80. How do the Aspire BP60 vs. BP80 compare? In short, the Aspire BP60 is a device that looks and feels more like a traditional pod system than the BP80 does. You may, therefore, feel a bit more comfortable with it if you really enjoy pod systems as they are and don’t want your vaping experience to change a great deal. The Aspire BP80, on the other hand, feels more like a mod in some ways and is a good choice if you’re looking for a device that will provide a major upgrade over what you’re using now.

What Coils Work With the Aspire BP80?

The Aspire BP80 works with the full range of Aspire BP coils, and switching to a different coil allows you to completely change your vaping experience. Your coil choices with the Aspire BP80 include the following:

  • 17-Ohm Mesh Coil: Suggested power range of 44-55 watts. Delivers maximum flavour and cloud production for direct-to-lung inhaling. This coil is included with the Aspire BP80 kit.
  • 30-Ohm Mesh Coil: Suggested power range of 30-40 watts. Delivers slightly cooler clouds for direct-to-lung inhaling.
  • 60-Ohm Coil: Suggested power range of 15-25 watts. Perfect for restricted direct-to-lung hits. This coil is included with the Aspire BP80 kit.
  • 00-Ohm Coil: Suggested power range of 10-16 watts. Intended for mouth-to-lung inhaling with higher-nicotine e-liquids.
  • RBA Deck: Allows you to build your own coils for the Aspire BP80.


How to Use the Aspire BP80

When you receive a new vaping device, the first thing that you want to do is tear open the box and start enjoying your new gadget. Although it’s always wise to read the printed manual, we understand that the temptation to start vaping right away might be too strong to overcome – and that’s why we’ve compiled this quick-start guide for the Aspire BP80. Until you get around to reading the full manual, this guide will help you get started by explaining the most essential things that you need to know before you begin.

How to Charge the Aspire BP80

To charge the Aspire BP80, connect the device to your computer using the USB-C cable included in the box. While the Aspire BP80 charges, the screen shows an animated image of a battery. When the device is done charging, the screen turns off.

How to Fill the Aspire BP80 or Replace the Coil

When you need to maintain the device, that’s when the Aspire BP80 really shines. The BP80 might look like a traditional box mod, but box mods definitely aren’t as easy to use as this device is. When it’s time to fill the pod or replace the coil, all that you need to do is pull the magnetic pod straight up to remove it from the device. On the underside of the pod, you’ll see the filling hole and the atomizer coil.

To fill the pod, push the nozzle of a bottle of e-liquid into the filling hole and squeeze gently until the pod is almost full.

To replace the atomizer coil, pull the old coil from the bottom of the pod and insert a new coil. To prevent leakage, you should replace the atomizer coil only when the pod is nearly empty. After replacing the coil, refill the pod and give the coil’s wick several minutes to become saturated with e-liquid before you continue vaping.



How to Vape With the Aspire BP80

After you’ve charged the device and filled the pod, it’s time to start using your Aspire BP80. Turn the device on by pressing the fire button five times quickly. Use the “-“ button on the front of the device to set the wattage to the bottom of the recommended range for the installed coil. Start at 44 watts if you’re using the 0.17-ohm coil or 15 watts if you’re using the 0.60-ohm coil. Press and hold the fire button while puffing on the pod’s mouthpiece. As you vape, increase the wattage gradually until you reach the level of warmth and flavour intensity that you prefer.

By default, the Aspire BP80 operates in Auto mode and will limit the device’s wattage to prevent you from vaping outside the recommended power range for the installed coil. To remove that limitation, you’ll need to put the device into Manual mode. Push the “+” and “-“ buttons simultaneously to open the configuration menu. Select the “Manual” option and press the fire button to confirm.

How to Fix Problems With the Aspire BP80

The product designers at Aspire really outdid themselves when they created the BP80. From the device’s classy leather trim to its rock-solid underlying technology, this is a device that you may not feel compelled to upgrade for several years. No matter how good a vaping device is, though, it may not operate perfectly all of the time. Use these tips to fix the problems that you might experience with your Aspire BP80.

Aspire BP80 Not Charging

If you’re unable to charge your Aspire BP80, the first thing that you should do is check the screen for an error message. Does the screen display the message “Check USB?” If so, the power source isn’t delivering the 5-volt charging current that the Aspire BP80 requires. If the power delivery is too far out of spec – over 5.8 volts or below 4.5 volts – the device will display an error message and will not attempt to charge the battery. Connect the BP80 to a different power source.

If the Aspire BP80 isn’t charging and isn’t displaying an error message, then you can conclude that the device isn’t receiving power through the USB cable at all. You should replace the cable.

Aspire BP80 Not Vaping

If nothing happens when you try to vape with the Aspire BP80, it’s possible that you simply turned the device off and forgot that you did so. Press the fire button five times quickly to turn the device on. If the device doesn’t do anything when you try to turn it on, it’s possible that the battery is completely dead. Try charging the battery.

If the Aspire BP80 is turned on – and the battery isn’t dead – it should display an error message when it encounters a problem. Check the screen to determine why your device isn’t vaping.

  • If you see the message “Too Hot,” the Aspire BP80 has overheated. Move the device to a cooler location and give it time to cool down before you try using it again.
  • If you see the message “Low Battery,” it’s time to charge the battery. The device will not work correctly until you do.
  • If you see the message “Check Atomizer,” The Aspire BP80 doesn’t detect the connected atomizer coil. Remove the pod and check for pooled moisture under the pod. Remove the condensation with a paper towel. Make sure that the coil is fully seated within the pod and try again. If you see the same error message, replace the coil.
  • If you see the message “Atomizer Short,” the installed atomizer coil has an assembly problem that’s causing a short circuit. Discard and coil and install a new one.

Aspire BP80 Leaking

The Aspire BP80 is well sealed, and leaks with it should be rare. If your pod leaks, there’s a good chance that the filling port is no longer watertight. Look at the underside of the pod. If all of the e-liquid seems to be concentrated around the filling port, it’s probably time to replace the pod. If the e-liquid is concentrated around the atomizer coil, the coil either isn’t fully inserted or has a bad silicone gasket. Try removing and reinstalling the coil. If the pod still leaks, you should replace the coil.